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The current 1 5th Lok Sabha will complete its constitutional term on May 31 , 2014 By constitutional requirement, elections to the Lok Sabha must be held at most every five years or whenever parliament is dissolved by the president. The previous election, to the 1 5th Lok Sabha, was conducted in April-May 2009 and its term would naturally expire on 31 May 2014. The election will be organised by the Election Commission of India (EC') and are normally held in multiple phases to better handle the large electoral base and security concerns.

Congress had a empathic victory in 2009 10k sabha elections . 1JPA- 2 started on a high by wining almost full majority of its own. However ,their second term has been marred with controversies and corruption allegations. starting with common wealth game scam,every few monthes saw a new scam coming out like Adarsh society scam and the biggest of all sharply in the past few years adding to the woes of common men. Cursed against black money and corruption by Ana Hazare and to some extent baba Ramdev has only added to the woes of congress. But congress is srewed and knows politics very well.

They know that offence is the best way of defend. For every scam or corruption news come out ,they bounce back equally controversial news against Vival arties. Their projection of Rahul Gandhi,who is known as youth icon of India today after his appointment as vice-president of congress party. Lets see as a prime ministreal candidate may help them in their campaign build upto 2014 elections. Since the last general election, the BJP has made inroads by winning the state assembly elections in Goa and winning despite a tradition of anti-incumbency in Punjab.

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However, it lost control of Uttaranchal, Himachel Pradesh and its southern bastion of Karnataka. Use of technology In January 2013, the Election Commission of India announced that it would be using n SMS based alert system called Communication Plan for Election (COMET) during the election. The system, aimed at sending messages to the millions of government officials on election duty, was successfully deployed in the assembly polls in Goa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand andManipur in early 2012 and in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat in late 2012.

The COMET system "uses coded text messages through mobile phones to collect data about officials, information about scheduled events like staff reaching the polling station, mock polls conducted, start of polling, oting percentages every two hours, number of voters in after voting time was over, and whether the poll party reached safely at the high security Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) deposit centre. " The system would also send alerts to the local police in case of disturbances at any polling station Main opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party was left down and out after 2009 elections.

BJPs arch enemy is not congres but BJP itself. lts leaders have failed to capitalize on core issues of price raise and corruption against the congress. They shoud have learned from congress and other nd some other smaller parties,have been able to successfully use the anti miniorty tag againt the BJPfor ever two decades now. BJP has also lost a lot of mass appeal leaders over the years past popular leadrer in India Atal Behari Vajpayee has now retired from active politic. charsmatics learder and face of modern India ,Parmod MaJhan was killed in a tragic incident.

Stalwarts like Govindacharya and Jaswant Singh were thrown out. Prime ministreal candidate Murli Manohar Joshi has been made to sit on the side lines with no influence on national level politics. L. K. Advani is lose to retirement years and fire brand Sushma SwaraJ hasn't proved to be a winner yet. That leaves the party with only one leadear of mass appeal,Narender Modi who may not yet able to handle national politics alone,and behind him a dark shade of communlist tag. Beside every one knows congress will play the anti miniorty tag against him quite well.

BJP has also destoried its chance by not farming stretigc alliance with other parties in state. It used to have an alliance with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and Mamta Banerjee'sTMS , IN West Bengal ,BJD in Orissa and recently JDU OF Bihar . BJPS loss has been congress gain. Third Fornt Parties: Third fornt parties have been redused to play a miniorty role at the center over the past few years. Leaders like Lalu Parsad,Mulayam Singh YadavJaya Lalta,Mayawati are no Govt. ln this case of congress.

Left fornt has already become non-existent after the debaile in 2011 assembly elections and it had be highly unlikely that they,had make any come back by 2014. For the past few years, most of third fornt allies have been thob-nobbing with congress ,which raises doubt on their very existence. Third fornt was formed to combat BJP as well as congress ,but if u are going to chossse congress fter polls every time ,then won't it better for peoples to vote for congress dereibly third fornt needs to get its priorities right and decide on their future survavial options ,because as of now their future looks black.

The contender's For India Election 2014 Though congress may not admit it yet,but Manmohan Singh be showen door out,and congress may be prefer to field Rahul Gandhi as its Prime Ministreal candidate in 2014. 1t may be too early for Rahul to lead nation as he has not proven his political accumen yet,but after the negative reviews UPA-2 is gathering,congress may want to hange Manmohan Singh. As for BJP the choice is only Narender Modi havng good record at regional level but no influence at national level yet. The Prime Ministreal Candidate: 1 Gandhi or Manmohan Singh. :NDA:- Narender Mod'. 3:Third Fornt:-Depends upon which party gets most seats. Slogans Of Parties: UPA:-Secularism NDA:-Hindu Rashtar OTHERS:-Rural Deviopment MANIFESTO:- UPA:-The congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi and prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh realeasd the party manifesto,the menifestolists some promises with special focus on miniortes,dalits and tribal communities. Reiteraing its national rural employment gaurntee act schamethe congress has promised 100 days work for Rs 100a day,as an entitlement under MNAREGA.

The congres has promised to enact a right to food law that gurantee food for all. lt has announced that every family living below poverty line will be entaitled 25 kg of rice or wheat per month at rate of3 3 per kg. The manifesto subsieded community kitchens,which will be set up in all cities for homeless peoples and migrants,with the support of the central govt. In the health sector,congress has declared that every family living below poverty line will be overed by the rashtrya swasthy bima youJna over the next three years. he party has promised social security cover for the disabaled,the elderly,urban home less,released bonded labourers,members of primitive tribalgroups and membersof the most backward dalit communites. S In order to woo the miniorites community,the congress plans to implement reservation for miniortes,on the basis of social and economic backwardness govt Jobs and educational institutions. The party has promised to set up an equal opportunity commission to ensure that the sachar commission recommendations are implemented and the miniortes are not deprived in any atter.

The party has reterated the contenation promise of implementing33 % reservation for womens in parliament and he state legislature ,which it had to failed promised to reserve one third of all central govtJobs for womens. The congress has promised free education from primary till the university education for students from dali and tribalcommnites. continuing its incentives for the schedule castesand schedule tribe communites. To cheak communal and caste related violence,congress has proposed a law that empower the nationalhuman rights commission to monitor nvestigation and trail in all such cases.

Declering a zero tolarence policy towards terrorism. The party has focused on its core areas of farmers ,womens,the socially backword sections. Through its wide range of promises,the congress is trying to projecta govt which will work on inclusive growth,encompassing all sections of society. NDA: 1,To develop a prosperous powerful Nation. 2,for stability and secular india needs a decive leader. 3,National security fear shall no longer stalk this land. 3,Engaging the world India' voice shall be heared.

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