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Igloo Marketing plan

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This section presents the background of the report, and outlines its background, objectives, methodology of project and report preparation. La. Background of the report: This project was assigned as part of the course "Principles of Marketing (MUSKET)" in the program Bachelor in Business Administration (ABA) to submit a report. The report entitled "Marketing Plan of Igloo Ice Cream Bangladesh" is submitted to fulfill the purpose. B.

Objective of the Report: Main objective of the report was to evaluate the marketing plan of MALL group's Igloo IAC cream in Bangladesh to figure out the marketing plan especially consumer behavior, segmentation, positioning, product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, budgeting etc. We also tried to find out some recommendation for this. LLC. Methodology: We used secondary data to prepare our report. Besides, our seniors helped us a lot to make everything smoothly. We mainly used information from internet, newspaper, advertisements etc. 2. Company/product profile: Bangladesh ice-cream industry is growing.

Igloo is the largest player in branded common format ice cream segment here. It started its operation in 1964 in Chitchatting under K Raman & Co. Limited (CRACK) with a small factory inside Coca Cola bottling factory of CRACK. Later in 1983, Abdul Money Limited purchased the entire production setup of CRACK Limited including Coca-Cola bottling plant and Igloo ice- cream factory and the manufacturing operations continued in Chitchatting until 1990. Later, the main share went to Dacha. A new factory was established in Shampoo Industrial Area, in Dacha to fulfill the market demand.

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Presently, Abdul Money Limited uses the state of the art-straight-line technology for ice cream production. They first introduced this technology in the South East Asia to manufacture ice ream. It produces nearly 20,twitter ice cream and distributes throughout the whole country. Now it is the market leader having more than 51% share (MALL Group, 2013). They have a 10,000 talented and highly skilled workforce now, caring about what they produce and in the manner, they produce them ensuring safety and security of workers as well as safeguarding their health and welfare.

As an organization and as individuals we also take great pride in contributing to the community and society as a whole through active corporate social responsibility and engagement. At present, MALL groups have three product lines- Food ( Igloo Ice cream and Milk Unit, Beverage) Service and Utility ( Paint, Utility, Service) Health care ( Nevus) MALL groups logo claims 'touching lives... Building capabilities...! ' Touching lives through relevant infrastructure development or by delivering products and services available based on customer insights.

Igloo Marketing plan essay

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