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A hurricane renounced as "sandy/' tore through the east coast on October twenty-ninth causing widespread damage to the east coast of the United States and Canada. In turn leaving 6. 2 million people without power. A natural catastrophe that had the greatest impact on the lifestyle of the people affected by the hurricane. The physical damage done varies between states.

In some cities flooding was the main issue and other cities like New Hampshire power outages caused mayhem on a major scale. Mostly everybody ended up at one point or another without electricity and in today's society people revolve around electricity. It powers our houses, buildings, communications, etc. The relief of people was unimaginable as the lights came back on and heat was respelled. Transit systems were also a major factor in big cities like New York as trees fell on the tracks and repairs are inevitable.

Repairs are also not free. Which leads to the point where millions of dollars were needed to rebuild and remake all that was lost. Especially in places like New Jersey where the hurricane hit the hardest. After a disaster like hurricane Sandy struck people ally struggled to get back on their feet because many of them were unemployed after the hurricane due to corporate offices being torn down by the sheer force of Mother Nature. Tax payers cannot possibly be happy about this occurrence across the east coast of not just U.

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S. A but Canada also. Finally, the people who experienced this first hand were forced to cope with the changes hurricane Sandy threw at them. Families were torn apart in all the chaos as loved ones succumbed to death. Each one raising the death toile to at least 40 people. Lucky ones had to wait in multi-mile long lines just to et gas for their necessities. When the flood hit (which happened in many states) people were forced to escape their houses and be rescued on the roof of their submerged house.

Post-disaster teams were dispatched to clean up the debris that hurricane Sandy left behind. Tragedy struck families making this hurricane a superstore. Because of the physical, social, and economic impact on the lives of easterners during this time of chaos, hurricane Sandy had the greatest impact on the lifestyles of people in the eye of the hurricane. By Chris Henley If you want to refill a cup you have to empty it first.

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