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How to Improve Your English

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Language plays and important role in human life. Out of all the languages in the world, English is considered as the international language. And me as an immigrant I think it’s very important to work on improving my English skills in order to communicate with people easier, get more job opportunities, and most importantly to get into college. There are plenty of ways to improve your English. To improve your English conversation and oral skills you should watch American movies and T. V. shows with English subtitles, and try to really listen!

You should also try and communicate as much as you can and don’t be shy of your accent or your lack of grammar, just know that you’re doing this for the best and to have better English in the future. Personally that helped me a lot and I would strongly advise any person who’s looking to improve their English to use this method. Now if you want to improve your reading skills, just simply, read! Read anything and everything in English. You can read story books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, comics, English textbooks, instructions and ingredients on food packages, advertisements or even online articles if you want.

Honestly, in our days just going on the internet can be a lot of reading, and with the internet being most in English, it would be a very good and fun way for you to improve your reading and reading speed. However, always remember, do something, anything. Just don’t do nothing, because if you don’t do anything, you will not get anywhere. Don't be in too much of a hurry though. You're setting off on a long journey and there'll be delays and frustrations along the way. Sometimes you'll be in the fast lane and other times you'll be stuck in traffic, just take your time to really enjoy the experience.

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