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A very good morning to our English teacher , Miss Joanne and fellow students . I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to give a speech on "How to Achieve Success". What is success ? What do success mean to you ? Does it mean getting straight As in your exam ? Does it mean getting many golds medal in the sport activities ? In my opinion , a successful student is able to achieve a balance in all aspects in life . This include intellectual , physical , emotional and spiritual .

As a student , you have to put in a lot of effort and work hard in order to score a good result . Listen attentively when your teachers are teaching in the class . If you are given any homework by your teachers , make sure that you complete your homework . In addition , do not just merely memorise . You just have to remember the facts and points . Study smart by not memorise blindly . Look for the keyword when memories the facts . It is not difficult to memorise . Apart from that , you should be active in sports . You need to release your stress .

Sports help us to relax and make our mind free from stress . Other than relaxing , you can learn new skill and meet new friends if you take part in sport activities . You can also build team spirit and leadership qualities . In order to achieve success , we need to have a balance diet which contains all the essential food groups . We need to take enough of protein , vitamins , minerals , carbohydrates and all the important fibre . As a saying goes ,"good health is true wealth". Exercising is good for your body because it helps us to strongthen our muscles .

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Regular physical activity will release tension , blood circulation , increase oxygen supply to our brain . So we should exercise at least 10 minutes a day . You can do simple exercise like jogging , cycling and walking . Besides that , we should get at least 8 hours of sleep a day . We must have enough sleep so we will be more alert . Therefore , we will not feel tired or weak . As a conclusion , you need to have a healthy mind and healthy body to achieve success . As a saying goes , "If there is a will , there is a way" . Thank you very much for your attention .

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