How do men treat women in Porphyria’s lover

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Also the poem shows how men are the leaders, because in the poem for them to meet up she was the one who had to travel o him in the freezing cold and pouring rain. As well as that it is as though he is embarrassed by her because he is meeting her in a deserted place. The theme of power over women is also explored in Porphyry's Lover by Robert Browning, where the poet makes the narrator of the poem(Porphyry's Lover) repeat the word "mine" to highlight his possession of her. In addition to this, it is the woman's physical body which is arranged, in such a powerless position which in a weird way represents the power which men hold over women.

There is also objectification to women "And give herself to me reeve", as though she were an object that cannot object doesn't have any emotions and admire him. Then Porphyry's Lover kills her, think because he wanted that to be the last moment with her as he felt true happiness, "made my heart swell, and still it grew" think that he thought that she was so happy and content that she wouldn't mind dying there and then. "l am quite sure she felt no pain", but she was human and did feel the pain but he didn't see her like that. "And yet God has not said a word! Because he feels he hasn't been punished by God yet, he feels as though killing her was the right thing to o. My Last Duchess is a poem that has many important themes, one of these themes being objectification to women. The women in this poem known as the last duchess was dismissed as though she were an uncared for object with no feelings. She wasn't allowed to have a life outside of her husband and this was very common in the Victorian era. However this poems showed how if women didn't follow their husbands rules they would be killed, so men may have cared about their wives but they cared more about how they were seen by society.

Just because the last duchess blushed near a man and her hand as showing her husband assumed she was flirting and thought it was necessary to murder her as he thought that because of her he was looking bad to society. "l gave commands" the speaker said, this phase suggesting how men dominate women. He also says "Who'd stoop to blame" the word 'stoop' meaning go down, and society in the Victorian era did not support men to be dominated by women. Having by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that shows how the loss of a man during the Victorian era could cause major heartache and eternal misery.

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In the first line she calls him a "sweetheart bastard" the 'sweetheart' shows that he is still in love with him but at the same time she hates him we know this from the word 'bastard'. This is an oxymoron used to emphasis her aggression. The phrase "wished him dead" shows her desperation and how with each day her anger grows. "ropes on the back of my hands" is a metaphor which could be representing her veins due to stress and anger or the clenching and unclench of her fist showing that she is still tied to him. "Spinster. " Is a one-word sentence meaning that she is strung up and outdated.

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