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How Cavemen Lived

How cavemen lived By: Ausha Champ Here are a few of the reasons cavemen wrote on the walls of there caves. One is how to kill or catch certain pray. So they could have the meat for pray and hide for quilt.

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The way to tell how many people in there crew died. They would trace there hand and color it in brown or black and trace the other hand in white. The color represents the living and the white represents the dead. Hares a good question, Why do cavemen draw animals on the wall of their caves? Hares the answer, they were inspired by the animals and the drew pictures to tell stories about them.

Did you know that a fool hand meant positiveness? And a hand with the thumb, pinkie, and ring finger meant negativeness. The way you can find this out is go to google and type in the stone age. I have been wondering this whole time what did cavemen do if they broke a bone. What they did is they would pop it back into place and rape hide around it. Then they would not walk anywhere if it was a leg, and would not move their arm, if it was the arm that was broken. Did you know that cavemen had a lot more sicknesses then use? So if they got sick they wanted to stay away from others, so they didn’t get any one else sick.

And yes it was that serious, and no I am not going crazy. Do you think cavemen were anymore health then use today, because of their diets? Actually we are more health, because our food it actually processed. You see cavemen didn’t have any processed food, unlike we do today . They did not have the technology to have processed food. Did cavemen have shoes? Well I don’t know for sure, but im pretty sure they would be smart enough to protect their feet, cavemen weren’t dumb. So that is what I found on cavemen, but I will fine out more in my social study book.