How Camping Has Changed Over The Years

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Over the decades camping has come a long way for sure. Surprisingly, it did not commence as prodigious form that we know today. Definitely, it has been recreated. The idea of camping actually comes from necessity when people were in search of better life they had no other choice but to go camping. If we want to how camping has changed at first we have to know how did camping begin in details.

How camping begin?

To converse the nation’s wildlife and wild places the National Wildlife Federation has worked, since 1936.

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Myriad Americans start to unload their camping gear, as they start to move into the sluggish days of summer and arrange for a night under the stars with nature. No matter how they camp or who joins in, camping is everlasting fun. But how did this amusement begin?

In the year 1861, a boys’ camp was started by Frederick William Gunn and his spouse Abigail at the Gunnery School for Boys in Washington, CT. In 1874, when the first YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) camp was created to provide a holiday for “exhausted young women draining out their lives in an almost limitless labor for salaries that confess no believed of rest or refreshment”, Girls were also contacted on this adventure too. In addition, this camping is known as Sea Rest, in New Jersey. A report also says that, a class of home-schooled boys was brought by this camping trip into the woods for two weeks.

A portion of the people of U.S. started living in urban areas after ending of civil war as cities were expanded by 1800. The temptation of returning to the nature has become more appealing for those who lived in the city so they started to go camp to stay with the beautiful nature and refreshment as well.

In the early 1900s, camping swiftly gained impetus with the formation of the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service, the arrival of boy scouts and girl scouts, and the emergent acceptance of organizations like the YMCA. The mounting acceptance and predominance of cars also allowed more people to travel time-consuming distances to campgrounds.

A news report stated that approximately 40 million people goes for camping every year.

Technology has changed the camping: have a look how?

There is common thought in peoples mind that camping is a holyday that catches anyone back to ABCs, slumbering out in wildlife and relishing some quality time with family and friends. Conversely, over the year’s things for instance technology have had a control on camping.

Instead of taking away from the proper wildlife of go camping, we have faith in that technology has made camping even enhanced for families. But why do we ponder this?
right114300A massive reformation of camping has occurred when the automobile has been invented. Peoples of America were then free to complete longer distances to enjoy more of the nature.

Many journals stated that auto dealers were encouraged by henry ford to offer forthcoming buyers free map and guides. Even an entrepreneur decided to found a way that could pack more things for longer trips. After that, they invented a box which was known as tow-along travel trailer which was about 12 inches high and three-foot square open spacious box.

After World War II, there were massive change in the camping world. People around America found themselves with more time to pass. So, manufacturers started to invent new machinery that could help people in camping. The more people set out for camping, the manufacturer companies of camping equipment’s took challenge to enhance the camping experience.

Well, let’s take a look at how camping accustomed to be and what it is now!

Camping: The old fashioned way

If we ask an American about the old fashioned way of camping they will probably answer that they have a lot of memories of their camping when they were kids.

Whether they stayed in a caravan or a camp. On the other hand, if we ask from their parents they are 339344000probable to reflect of them in a less satisfactory light. A boring long rainy days, scant facilities with poor class toilets. Not to mention, problematic to ground tents or canopies and even having to boil water on a hotplate. The list goes on.

This does not mean that camping was not that much popular trip. But it was not always serene break that some parents would expected for.

Camping: Present style

At the present time, camping has converted more stylish. In actual fact, many people truly choose to camp out for a discontinuity, more willingly than simply as an approach to save money.

Technology has an enormous amount to sort out with camping.

To make camping more easily, there are so many designed utensils which is more relaxed and of course pleasurable too!

Tents have been designed differently. There are some tents with solar panels and LED lights inside. Some also have solar powered fan and hurricane lantern which is picture-perfect for those long sizzling nights.

Even portable and compact fridge is available for camping so that anyone in the camp days can keep their food in it. A camping friendly electric hook up is also available to charge all the devices that needs to be charged.

One more important thing is that many sites offer Wi-Fi in which people can connect as guest and can connect with the world. There is many websites that helps people by providing camping checklist to make their trip even more enjoyable. How cool is that right?


Alongside, there are many campers who have an extensive choice of housings, facilities and events than ever before. Campsites have also changes to meet the mutable needs of those campers. But all the thing does not change. One of them is: long-lasting dearest affair with camping of Americans is still blooming and well. Our new generation is now determining the enjoyments of one of their country’s beloved pastimes.

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