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After your website is up and running it is important to monitor the traffic to the page. This can be done with a simple counter. It records the number of hits a page can have. Counters are easy to add your page and the fees are very nominal. However, counters do not account for the number of different people that visit your page. To gauge this, you might want to use a guestbook. The visitor quickly adds his name and email to the guestbook, so you have a list of the people who have been checking out your site.

For more detailed web traffic assessment, you can hire the services of web trafficking businesses. They can detail the hits by time of day, day of week, search engine use, repeat hits, activity by page, country, continent, etc. Traffic exchange programs These services work by showing your site to another network member each time you look at their sites. The more sites you look at the more times your site gets seen. This might not be great for home businesses, especially if your target market is small.

It may take more time than it is worth. Keywords One of the best ways to draw people to your home business website is by using keywords. Keywords are words that people frequently search. If you have a home writing business, your keywords would be those that people might search to find a writer for a project. Terms in this case would be “writer,” “freelance,” “writing,” freelancing,” “ghostwriting,” and the like. The more of these words you weave into your copy, the more chances your site has of popping up in the search. Meta Tags

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These are pieces of information imbedded in the html code that are not seen by viewers of the page but are read by web crawlers and help to more accurately direct viewers to your page. Many people live and die by these while others remain skeptical. To use these, follow one of the many tutorials available on line and monitor your traffic to see if it helps. Both meta tags and keywords are important to search engine optimization. This means that more people will find your page with searches from google, yahoo, etc. Directories

Another way to have your business web site available to those interested in your business is to be listed in an on-line directory. These work like telephone books, but they are for the internet instead. These directories list businesses on line in general or divide them by category. Microsoft has an on-line business directory software package as do several other companies. Links If you are a frequent customer or subscriber of a certain on line vendor, you might consider asking if they will support a link to your page in exchange for you doing the same.

For example, if your business sells fishing lures only and another person’s business sells fishing rods only, you may both benefit by posting each other’s links on your web page. You can also add your link to your email signature so that each person who receives an email from you has it available. Also, make it super easy for people to add your site to their favorites by having an Add To Favorites link. Forums Search for on line forums that deal with your business, service or project. Then, post periodically in these forums, being sure to add your business web address.

As people browse these forums, they will notice your web site and hopefully visit it. The more specific the forum, the better the chance that a real customer will visit your site. Donate Something – If you have a product, donate a few items to a local charity auction, high school club yard sale, or church bazaar. You can leave some of your cards with your website on it for people to visit. If your product is a service, offer it to some target individuals for free. This will build customer word-of-mouth over time. Again, you can leave cards with the individuals who are receiving the free service.

If this won’t work either, donate time or money to a worthy organization. You may be able to get your name and website on a sponsorship letter or in a thank-you publication that will be sent to several people. Some larger organizations will send out press releases with this information as well. You might also sponsor a youth sports team. Your business and website would be on the backs of at least 12-15 youngsters and in the league program. You could use that time send emails to the team members’ parents with your website information included. Write a Newsletter

Write a newsletter with information about your businesses and topics related to your businesses. Give away the subscription for free and make sure your newsletter is listed on appropriate sites for newsletters. As your customer base grows, you can ask for referrals and send the newsletters to them as well. Be a Copycat Find a website of a successful business in your field. Examine the site and try to incorporate as many of its techniques into your own. Obviously, ease of navigation and attractiveness are musts, but you may find other ways to make your site more attractive to others.

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