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History of Ramayana

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Ramayana is true, if you have read it you can easily make out that it just can't be a mere work of imagination. All the incidents, places and events seems natural. Nothing seems to be false. When britishers captured India some 150 yrs. ago, they rumoured it to be false and then some britishers who didn't had any firm Hindu background just declared it to be a myth. Conclusion: IT IS TRUE Religions Background of Ramayana

Hindu religious literature is the large body of traditional narratives related to Hinduism, notably as contained in Sanskrit literature, such as the Sanskrit epics and the Puranas. As such, it is a subset of Indian culture.

Role in Hinduism The Ramayana is extremely popular. India nearly shut down when a dramatized series of the Ramayana appeared on television in the 1980s. Recitation of the Ramayana earns great merit. Rama and Sita are seen as the ideal married couple. In North India, the Ramayana is acted out in the annual pageant Ram-Lila. It was a favourite subject of Rajasthani and Pahari painters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Gandhi called it the greatest book in the world. Tulsi Das, medieval author of the Hindi translation, said, "Whenever I remember Rama's name, the desert of my heart blooms lush and green."

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Comparison between Iliad, & Ramayana -Ramayana A virtuous king named Rama is banished to the forest, where he has many adventures, and then he rescues his wife Sita from the evil king of Sri Lanka with the help of his friends. – -Homer’s The Iliad

The gods of ancient Greece, most of whom were adopted by the ancient Romans, were generally described as human in form, unaging, nearly immune to all wounds and sickness, capable of becoming invisible, able to travel vast distances almost instantly, and able to speak through human beings with or without their knowledge. In Greek mythology, the gods were presented as a large, multi-generational family, the oldest members of which created the world as we know it. Each Greco-Roman divinity has his or her own specific appearance, genaeology, interests, personality, and area of expertise, subject to significant local variants. When the gods were called upon in poetry or prayer, they were referred to by a combination of their name and epithets, the latter serving to distinguish them from other gods. Theme of Ramayana

The age-old battle between virtue and vice is the main theme of the Indian epic Ramayana. It is the life story and message of SreeRaaman, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who took human form in this world to tame the wicked. This great literary and religious classic is a traditional mind cleanser even the touching of which is considered sacred. However, it is also a tale of the Aryan war race. In Indian history, the theme of Ramayana is the biography of king Sri Ramachandra is Called Ramayan. Ram is Sri Ramchandra and ayan means the story. The other theme of Ramayana is - "The good (Lord Rama) vanquishes the evil (Ravana)". In India the festival, Dussehra is based on the central theme of Ramayana.

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