Health care profession

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Health care professionals are doctors , nurses, surgeons and many more . Did you know that there are 13 characteristics of a health care professional, there is

  1. Empathy,
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  3. Honesty,
  4. Dependability,
  5. Willingness to learn,
  6. Patience,
  7. Acceptance of critism,
  8. Enthusiasm,
  9. Self motivation,
  10. Tact,
  11. Competence,
  12. Responsibility,
  13. Team Player
  14. Feedback.

These characteristics are important to doctors, nurses , and surgeons because they need to understand the patients, they also need to be honest and patient wit them. Doctors, nurses and surgeons need these things to succeed and accomplish their tasks .

They also need to make the patients feel comfortable, they the need to let the patients know that they can count on them to do their Job and that their safe and secure with them. ln order for them to do these things their suppose to be fully trained, or have a certification or have a license to work in the field of a health care. A good health care professional has communication skills which includes speaking and listening to patients with this the doctor will be able to understand what the patients need. Health care is a vitual service that ouches the lives of millions of people at significant times like birth, illness, and death .

Some injustices that doctors do is that when patients go through surgery , doctors tells the patients that there is no guarantee if you will get better or not ,or if you will survive or not or die with in surgery and some times doctors make patients sign a contract saying they have nothing to do with the death . I think this is injustice because when the doctors have no other way curing the patients they leave the patient there to die. It is Just sad seeing the doctor has no more options to save the patient lite .

Some data snows that many people do not do not receive the right care, or receive unnecessary harmful care. How do you have a good effect on patients ? If you want to have a good effect on patients you first need to take good care of them and show them that you care. The patient need to know and feel safe in the hands of whom its being taken care by, so it can be able to trust itself and the caretaker. Patients should be handled gently and not with force. If they need to take medicine shouldn't be by force or they might try to kill themselves because they feel harm is being done to them.

Doctors should try their best to help a patient be cured ,or at least show the patient there is some hope instead making them feel death is near. The doctors should also try to make the patients feel better and to let them be treated fairly. In the movie Patch Adams it shows that a man named Patch wanted to become a doctor so he can help and understand patients. In the movie Patch was very patient , he was responsible for many patients that needed treatment and also took good care of them. Patch had self motivation, that he would become a doctor no matter what .

Patch had and used all of the characteristics hat a doctor should use or have. He helped patients smiled and laughed again. Patch had a big imagination that one day his dreams would come true and it did . As a doctor Patch was, honest, patient, tact, responsible, discretion, he had acceptance of criticism, he was willing to learn, and he was enthusiasm. Patch loved being there for patients and helping them, he wanted to become the best doctor the world has ever seen. And most of all, Patch was a doctor who not only helped people and made them smiled but he showed them to always have a little bit of fun no matter how old you are.

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