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Jerry Trevorrow English 0900-11 Essay #2 Government Healthcare The overwhelming majority of Americans agree that reform of our healthcare system is necessary; debate continues to rage over what specific type of reform we need. Imagine having free health care, and never to worry about getting the healthcare you need. This being available would give people a chance to live a little better. Having the government provide healthcare would be better for Americans. This type of health insurance would help the unemployed as well as the employed.

The price of health insurance is increasingly costing the American people thousands of dollars on premiums. The quality of medical coverage in the United States is among the best in the Nation. With free health care American’s are able to see a doctor early so that they can help prevent major problems like cancer, HIV or other major illnesses. The positive side of government healthcare is no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. You are insured from the day you are born. No bankruptcies due to medical bills.

No deaths due to lack of health insurance or Cheaper , More affordable; everybody in nobody out. Save taxpayers billions a year in bloated corporate administrative and executive compensation costs. Government-funded healthcare would provide access to medical services for all uninsured. Lower costs of government healthcare will cause insurance coverage to be significantly more accessible to millions of individuals and businesses. Doctors and other medical professionals can focus on patient care, and no longer need to spend hundreds of wasted hours annually dealing with insurance companies.

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Patients too, under government healthcare would never need to fritter inordinate amounts of frustrating time haggling with insurance companies. Other important positives of government-funded healthcare include: 47 million Americans lacked healthcare insurance coverage as of the 2008 presidential campaign season. Soaring unemployment since then have caused the ranks of the uninsured to swell past 50 million in mid-2009. Conservatives and Libertarians oppose U. S. overnment healthcare mainly because they don't believe that it's a proper role of government to provide social services to private citizens. Instead, conservatives believe that healthcare coverage should continue to be provided solely by private-sector for-profit insurance corporations or possibly by non-profit entities. In 2009, a handful of Congressional Republicans have suggested that perhaps the uninsured could obtain limited medical services via a voucher system and tax credits for low-income families. This is like what Minnesota care is about.

Low income or no income you can get Minnesota care. You might have a monthly fee for the policy or have to pay three dollar co-pay for everything. You are only allowed to use up to ten thousand dollars of medical care for a year at a time. From the patient's perspective, negatives of government-funded healthcare might include. Decrease in flexibility for patients to freely choose from among the vast types of drugs, treatment options, and surgical procedures offered today by higher-priced doctors and hospitals.

On June 18, 2009, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the press, "I have every confidence that we will have a public option coming out of the House of Representatives -- that will be one that is actuarially sound, administratively self-sufficient, one that contributes as to competition, does not eliminate competition. " Less potential doctors may opt to enter the medical profession due to decreased opportunities for highly compensated positions. Fewer doctors coupled with skyrocketing demand for doctors could lead to a shortage of medical professionals, and to longer waiting periods for appointments.

The American Medical Association, which represents 29% of U. S. doctors, opposes any government insurance plan mainly because doctors' reimbursement rates will be less than those from most private sector plans. Not all doctors oppose government-funded healthcare, though. There are many other countries, which have government healthcare and are doing well with it. The percentages of longer life expectancy are better in those countries compare to the U. S. Canada’s life expectancy is 81. 3 percent; compare to the U. S is 78. 1 percent. Physicians per 1000 people as follows; Canada is 2. compare to the U. S is at 2. 4. There is not much difference from what we have now compared to government healthcare in services and quality of care per patience. We will benefit of living longer with government healthcare, as we know we are the lowest in life expectancy to many other countries. The government controlling anything should be healthcare. Instead of the other issues they are regulating now. Having the governments provide healthcare would be the best thing for all American’s. I feel we would greatly benefit from this and become more of a healthier country.

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