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Salman Kay Mr. Jackson English 1302 10 February 2013 Godfather Death Summary In Godfather Death by the Grimm Brothers, there is a poor man looking for a person to become the godfather for his son. The poor man comes across both God and the devil who both offer to take care of the son. Instead the man makes Death the godfather because he believes Death is equal. The poor man says “You take away the rich as well as the poor, without distinction. (Grimm, secs. 210, 211) Death then makes the son a wealthy and famous physician with the ability to heal anyone if Death chooses to let them live, but if the physician does defies Death he shall face consequences. The physician is the protagonist whose overall goal is to heal the king and his daughter to reach nobility and gain respect from the king. On the other hand the antagonist is the physician’s godfather, Death.

Death does not choose to let the king live, but the physician takes a chance and heals the king. Death gives the physician one more chance because the physician is his godson but warns him not to do it again. The conflict between death and the physician is Human vs. Supernatural because Death is a supernatural force who is controlling of peoples life, and the physician is struggling to overcome Death’s force.

While trying to overcome Death, the physician is going through a psychological journey. He is playing with fate and seeing what is going to happen next while thinking he can outsmart Death. When an another situation arises the king’s daughter is dying and the king offers her hand in marriage to her savior while Death is ready to take her. The physician thinks he can overcome death once more but in the end Death outsmarts the physician and takes him instead.

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