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Dylon de Leon ENGL 100-08 QFRA 6-11 (pg. 186) Feb. 22, 2013 GLAMOUROUS What is glamour? How does it differ from looks, fame and fortune? In paragraph 12 of the article, the first few sentences are very effective. They use 3 people that a lot of people know today and go straight to the point about who they are in the political world. This is an example of Givhan’s strategy that was shown to be effective. Givhan uses a few strategies throughout his article.

One of the specific strategies was using famous and glamourous people that we see today as rich and famous and see as having fame and fortune. Another good strategy that he uses is pointing out the face between actors that they are not all what they seem and that who they really are isn’t who we see in public, and that what we are really seeing and who we really think they are is just an act. He points out that really glamour makes people forget about who they are and make everything seem so beautiful in the world.

Givhan’s claim is simply that the people who we see living their lives full of fortune and happiness is simply not correct. He claims that glamour is just simply not all that great. Givhan states that glamour is situated in the now while cool is a step ahead. This claim makes perfect sense because glamour is just something that is seen in the moment and not in the future. Cool on the other hand is something that is seen outside of what is on the big screen, therefore is seen in more than just the present. It may just be the way that I look at it that makes sense.

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You can tell the difference between Glamour, Charisma, and cool, by what they show and what makes each characteristic what it is. Glamour is a sort of fairytale, Charisma is personal, and cool is just, well, cool. If someone was to want to be cool, I would suggest that they do something to inspire people as a famous person. Cool isn’t about having lots of stuff and looking good, there is a big difference. To be cool, you have to show the people that you are cool and show the people you are more than just good looks.

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