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The main character in the novel Ti-Jeanne had been trying to avoid Rudy, a man who apparently have a child with her. The relationship of both characters from the past towards the present has actually displayed the different issues that gender differences are subjected to right now. Women are likely understood by the human society as the weaker vessel in the human community. Most often than not, this fact has made it easier for the society to present women as the gender division in the society that comes only as the second important group of population in the human community.

Today, media is considered to be the most influential matter in the society today. Likely, the said medium of entertainment has directly affected the ways by which people react upon the different norms in the society today including that of the issues regarding gender differences. For this study, the process by which media presents women through movies and television programs shall be discussed with clarity and careful understanding. Considerably, this study shall present the different impacts by which media intends to point out the differences between men and women in the society today.

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During the 1950’s just after the world war events, women were rather presented in a much traditional manner that made them appear accustomed to the household activities. Their roles during the war years were also presented in a much more radical approach showing that though they were considered weak, they made so much to contribute to the strength of the people who are fighting for the freedom of the human society during the said era in the human society. Ever since that particular era, the role of women in the society had been changing gradually.

Likely, the said series of changes had also been shown through media presentations. Aside from that, the advancement of technology towards the modern society has actually made it possible for the presentation of the women population to be more practical and realistic. In the novel of Hopkinson, it could be observed that the women culture has been presented in a rather developing way, whereas a supposed weak individual who is faced with all the necessary adjustments that needs to be dealt with in becoming more familiar with a new community gains power through confidence.

On Racial Differences The entire reading in the said book could be separated within four particular sections that present the major focused thoughts of the authors of the said material. The said divisions are as follows: • Each individual is rightfully disposed to have his or her own thinking with regards a certain issue in the society. The differences of the people make it easier for each person to see the importance of the said right towards each individual. The opinion of each person is particularly a reflection of his or her own experiences in life.

• As for this matter it could be observed that the election of the American society is divided in several ways that the opinions of people with regards who the rightful person to rule the nation wins the position of the most important authority who would have power over the different authorities of the nation altogether. • In terms of several social issues, it could be observed that the American society have different opinions altogether that coming up with a single acceptable opinionated view about several matters is a certain sort of clash of ideas between individuals.

• Political issues in the American society appear to be among the largest element of diversity of the said community of different individuals. The background of each person and their wants as well shapes their decision in taking part in the society’s political standing today. • Aggressiveness of the people towards having the best kind of government available is something that needs to be strongly identified by each individual who are taking part in the electoral practices at present.

Constantly considering the differences of the individuals and giving them the rightful attention that they are due regardless of their race or their color may not be that easy to apply through this particular process of equalizing the social system. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the situation in a normalizing manner. Actual application of being fair to everyone regardless of their racial division is not an easy task to accomplish.

Through the attention given to the needs of everyone else in the population of people concerned in the situation, it could be noted that the main aim of the system is to make equalizing programs work for serving the best values of the individuals concerned (Wyle, 2003). People are likely to be divided because of their cultural beliefs. This likely involves the importance of the major consideration given to the cultural diversity of each individual from the others who are present in a certain institution.

Seeing them as persons having the same level of needs of respect and same demands of attention shall equip the administrational authorities with the rightful skill and capability of handling such cases of differences in terms of race and culture. It should then be realized that deeply understanding the situation through narrowing the elements of effect through identification of human behavior as individuals and not as people divided by race, is the main key towards the successful application of the said proposed program or event.

(Wyle, 12) From this outlined summary, it could be observed that the book points out that the diversity of the people today in the American society makes the political status of the said nation rather aggressive and progressive in several important ways. Further Implications of the Reading The society is mainly composed of many different individuals each having their own characteristics, social background, and cultural affinity producing diversity among the people.

The unique personal characteristics of each individual radiates in the formation and development of the society as the former manifests as the foundation of the latter. As people compose the society, their unique and personal characteristics affect the formation and development of it including the differences in most major social factors and concepts. Included in this is the issue of race and social ethnicity. Race is mainly defined as the social characteristics localized within a certain social group that is shared through both biological characteristics and regional factor.

Among the commonly included characteristics in this concept are the shared physical features in a certain social group such as color of skin and others. The concept of race is commonly used as the background factor in the personal identity of each individual. Ethnic background on the other hand plays more on the side of cultural affinity rather than on the physical manifestation. This concept similarly serves as the identity factor for each individual as the ethnic background manifests as the primary link of an individual to his or her roots.

On a sociological aspect, ethnic relations are formal and mandatory as associated with the birthright of an individual though the relationship of the subject with his or her ethnic background on a cultural aspect is viable wherein he or she can choose to deviate from it and affiliate him or herself to other cultural groups. Indeed, the concept of race and ethnic background serves as the anthropological factor determining the roots and family background of the involved subject.

Another important factor associated with the concept of race and ethnic background is the issue of inequality and discrimination. Social groups are mainly formed through the unison and association of different unique individuals sharing a common factor, which can be of regional location, physical characteristics, blood relationship and cultural background. The people sharing a similar denominator established themselves together as a single social group with their own cultural identity.

However, on a general sociological perspective, each social group based on race and ethnic background manifests to be a unique unit in the larger context. As the social race opens their group to the larger social aspect, issues of differences pertaining to their cultural issues, shared physical appearance, and anthropological factor as now brought up into the context (Rothenberg, 2001). As influenced by these issues, aspects of discrimination and social inferiority play now in the picture wherein the social groups in the general society are now segregated among the superior and inferior ones.

The issue of discrimination in the sociological context is always based on a certain factor causing the said mentality or personal perspective. Commonly in the present society, physical appearance and cultural differences are the main fuels that affect the discriminative view towards the other social groups classifying the superior from the inferior class. Indeed, the issue of race and ethnic factor becomes the basis for the segregation and discrimination in the people wherein the established inferior unit becomes oppressed compared by the superior class.

This often manifests in the course of the development of each social groups in several aspects. An example of this concept is the racial discrimination that is dominant in the American society segregating the groups of the whites and the blacks wherein the former are considered superior than the later (Rothenberg, 2001). This discrimination often manifests in the several important social institutions such as the employment sector wherein most blacks are not qualified to be hired for higher executive positions because of their racial background.

Another is the racial harassment that the blacks are receiving from most white factions who wants to further undermine and take advantage of the inferiority of the black people. However, this issue of discrimination is not based of the common connoted definition of the concept of race, which is through skin color. Instead, the real significant roots of the discriminative behavior within this society manifests to be from the anthropological and historical relationship of the two social groups namely the period of the slavery of the blacks and the social impression this has left on the mentality of the people.

Indeed, the blacks were once victim of the physical oppression of slavery from the white people and this historical period has left a cultural and sociological scar on the impression of their race (Rothenberg, 2001). As these people are victimized and oppressed, their once status in the society still influence the perspective of the people in the present which comes in conflict with the pride and status of the other social groups.

Because they were once slaves, other social groups do not want to be mixed and be on the same level with the black people thus, their cultural perspective develops to undermine the capacity and capabilities of the black people to hinder their equal social ascension (Rothenberg, 2001). This concept is widely prevailing in the present and most oppressed social minorities are still fighting their way against this discriminative behavior. Other oppressed social groups are those who are foreign to the land of the dominant race wherein the former were viewed to be inferior compare to the later.

Victims of these views are the Hipics, Irish, and other immigrants and refugees in the American society (Rothenberg, 2001). The dominant race allowed the intrusion of the foreign social group however, a demarcation line must still be implemented wherein the dominant will stay to be the superior in most social institutions and fields. This in part, manifested to have an oppressive effect on the minority faction wherein the superior class hinders their development and integration in the general society.

Indeed, the issue of racial discrimination is not mainly attributed to the racial, ethnic and social differences of the involved parties but on the unresolved conflicts and issues between the involved social groups. Indeed, racial perception is not on the significance of the color of skin or cultural practice but on the personal perception and view of the people looking into the context. Indeed, the issue of racial discrimination is laid not onbiological and sociological inferiority complex but instead on the concept regarding the social development between the two social groups.

Because of this, the issue of racial discrimination indeed becomes illogical and unethical as something occurred in the past is not applicable on the present context. Instead, the discriminated social groups must be entitled to social affirmative actions as part of the assistance to the development and reintegration of the oppressed social groups. Instead of discriminating the oppressed social groups, social minorities must instead be assisted in their integration and association in the general social context to achieve a positive social status for both the involved social groups. Overall Reaction

From the reading that has been presented herein, it could be noted that the people of the American society are indeed much directly concerned of the ways by which their thoughts and opinions are given high regard by the major sources of power in the nation, particularly that of the political sectors of the society. Form this particular learning, it is undeniable that the truth behind the importance of diversity indeed affects the progress of the entire country as one nations standing for further progress in the future. Reference: Brown Girl in the Ring, Nalo Hopkinson, Warner Aspect, 1998, 250 pp.

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