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Gattaca (1997) Analysis Essay

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The film Gattaca (1997) written and directed by Andrew Niccol is one of the best sci-fi films to watch. The actors in the film perform wonderfully, the script is well written and played, and the message that the film presents is one any viewers should hold onto.

The real catcher of this film is that it is not your average sci-fi; instead the film incorporates some drama with a twist of a detective story inside. Gattaca (1997) is set in future time, and studies what it is to be an individual. The hero of the world of Gattaca is Vincent who challenges the system. The system where DNA technology has developed ever so deeply. Social class in Gattaca is established by genetic formation and to conceive children through genetic selection is the common way to have birth.

Except the ones who are naturally birthed are known as "in-valid" and put down to low-grade jobs. Vincent Freeman is considered "in-valid" because he was conceived naturally, and doctors inform his parents of many limitations he will face and that he will live a lifep of 30 years. He is treated as being ill, and his parents think any little incident could end his life. Anton though is Vincent's younger brother and he was made by genetic selection and is in a way a higher rank than Vincent. Anton is considered to not have any genetic flaws and is provided opportunities.

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This new type of discrimination is something that Vincent will not accept. He has dreams to go into space, but is shut down due to his "in-valid" status. But this status does not stop Vincent, and he soon acquires the identity of a man who is considered "valid" named Jerome. Jerome agrees to let him use his identity if Vincent provides him with a place to live. Vincent uses samples of Jerome's blood, urine and hair and is able to become employed by the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation as Jerome, and after years Vincent (but known as Jerome) has the chance to go into space.

Tragedy happens though when the director of the corporation is murdered. Investigations begin, and Vincent\'s true identity is brought up, bringing worry to him that his dream could possibly be shut down. Only two colleague's of Vincent's, Jerome and Irene, are on his side, and Vincent must try to save himself from the powers that want to put him back into the status of "in-valid". As all of this unfolds in the end Vincent gets to go to space and its win for him.

Director Andrew Niccol really did an amazing job turning the film into more than just a sci-fi film. The part that really captured me was the end when Vincent got to go to space. The main focus/point is of Vincent and his dream to go to space and the challenges he has endured of social inequality. These two parts are clear from the beginning to the end of the movie, and as mentioned above the actors performance were wonderful.

Every character did amazing, but Vincent really stood out and managed to capture a strong character that looked so comfortable. Gattaca (1997) is a well developed film, and does stand the test of time. A world that develops perfection in genetics does not mean there can\'t be people that will lose and or suffer. It gives viewers to really think outside of the box in questioning how real a situation like this could be in our own world.

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