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Issues Such As Racism And Sexism

They are three very smart women who work for NASA and are climbing their way to the top of NASA. But have to deal with issues like racism and sexism. Nasa doesn’t have many women working for it and its mostly men.So women are not …

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The Opportunity to Work As A Model For A Well-Known Clothing Company

“If you’re lucky enough to pick what you do, that is the greatest career you can have. Ultimately, that’s my goal: to have choices.” -James Marsden Boom! My whole life instantaneously paused. I couldn’t process anything. I gazed in the mirror only to find tears …

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What Does Love Mean To You

There are continuous ways in which love can be portrayed and occur. There are infinite types of love, whether it is physical, emotional, or romantic. Long as there has been poetry, there has been poetry on love. Many poets express their feelings through writing; therefore, …

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Famous Visual Storytelling of People Using Pictures

Many photographers have unique photographs of the things they love to do. People admire the photos of an artist’s artwork. Wanting to look up to them and improving in their photos even more. By looking at their new or old photographs and how they got …

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About Magical Adventures, Including Friendship and Love

Initially, Peter Pan was created to entertain children with a boy and his enchanted adventures. It is shown to be about magical adventures, including friendships and love. However, this story is violent and holds a darker meaning. It conveys men as being the superior gender …

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A Summary Of What I Learned About The Events In Venezuela

What is happening in Venezuela? This is a question that I have been trying to figure out. There is so much news out and about, that makes it hard to determine what is actually happening, or I may hear what is happening but it is …

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An Open Mind Will Allow You to Experience How Powerful Harvey Milk’s LGBT Movement Was

The movie Milk delivers what is expected of it and much more. The story behind this movie was not only very captivating, but it also allowed the audience to make a real-life connection with Harvey Milk and experience what he struggled with first-hand. When watching …

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The Best Start of Mark Cuban’s Career

Mark Cuban is an extraordinary character who has had his ups and down in the business world. He did not have the best start to his career and was still figuring out his life like for instance he worked at multiple jobs at the start …

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I Am Very Happy To Become a Member Of The Club

It was the next day, I had hidden the box under my bed to read every night from then on out. Day one was pretty solid and original. “February 15, 1925. Renton, Washington, wide-open spaces, blue skies. My first day of school and this is …

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Life With a Father Who Is On A Bad Path

Can you imagine having to live a life with a father who’s going down a bad path and a brother who is an alleged criminal? In Gary D. Schmidt’s Okay, For Now, Doug Switeck’s life is just like that. As the story unfolds, Doug meets …

FictionLiteratureNever Give Up
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