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The Suffering of the Exiled Warrior in the Poem “The Wanderer”

“The Wanderer” is a depressing, bleak lament of life’s suffering from the perspective of an exiled warrior detached from his former friends and “liege-lord,” who are now dead. The speaker vividly describes his loneliness and sorrow, and paints an apocalyptic picture of the world’s future, …

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The Harmful Effects of Parasocial Relationships

Parasocial relationships is a term created to refer to a kind of psychological relationship experienced by an audience in their mediated encounters with performers in the mass media, particularly on television (May 2017). The term was coined by Horton and Wohl and have been around …

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The Main Theme of the Novel “The Metamorphosis” Is Loneliness

Gregor Samsa woke up and had been changed into a bug. He did not know what was happening, but he surely knew it was not a dream. He thought that if he could sleep it off then maybe he can forget about all of this. …

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Every Person Is Afraid of Being Rejected

Nowaday, in this merciless world, people tend to wear a mask to cover their true self because they fear of rejection and how people will judge what they believe in. However, in the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, where the setting is …

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Family Loneliness in Chekhov’s Work “Three Sisters”

The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov revolves around Moscow-bred sisters Olga, Irina, and Masha Prosorov. They live in a big house in a Russian town with their brother Andrey. Their deceased father was a Russian army officer who left them in a Russian provincial town …

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Technology Leads to Loneliness

In continuation, technology has also had a serious outcome to people having health issues, with either physically with their body appearance or mentally. This is caused due to people having to be expected to be a person that society tells them to be. Although, we …

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Every Person Needs Socialization

As humans, it is imperative that we are social. We need to do so to have healthy friendships, find mates, and become productive members of society.Every individual is unique, and there is not one correct way to be social, but it is still necessary for …

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Life Is Not Easy and Everyone Faces Difficulties

As we advance through life, it’s expected for one to face sorrow and hardships as life isn’t meant to be easy. These obstacles are expressed similarly in both “The Wanderer” and “The Wife’s Lament”, although the underlying plots are slightly different. Through the feelings of …

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The Young Adult Has a Lot of Pressure Put On Them Through the Route of Development

Society has put individuals in a position where people believe that building relationships is a factor in their developmental growth. The psychological stage six, intimacy vs isolation by Erik Erikson talks about the period of young adulthood when people are exploring personal relationships. Individuals between …

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“You Who Never Arrived” Is a Poem That Touched the Strings of My Soul

First impression of Louise Gluck was wow is she considering herself as an angel? I felt like I was reading pieces out of my Sunday school stories we went over, but after rereading the poem multiple times. I realize that she’s talking about a flower …

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