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Essays on Gertrude

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Relationship of Hamlet and Gertrude

In the Shakespearean play Hamlet, the conflict between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, is parallel to the main conflict of the story. Hamlet is motivated to avenge by the ghost after he is upset when Gertrude marries Claudius. Hamlet’s view of society, especially women, is …

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The Strength of Gertrude in Hamlet

Murder, treason, and deceit are common themes in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Throughout the play the women are often viewed as weak in character as the men easily dominate them and steal the spotlight through their manic actions. The time period in which Shakespeare would …

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My aunt Gertrude is a rare gem.

My aunt Gertrude is a rare gem. She remains unmarried till this day, and has no desire to do so even though she is exiting the prime of her life in a few months’ time. I asked her once whether she ever contemplated being alone …

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Role of Gertrude in Hamlet

Raquel Tuohy Mrs. Pastor AP Lit/Comp 7 April 2013 Hamlet Perhaps one of the most ambiguous characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the queen, Gertrude. She is Hamlet’s mother and the wife of her dead husband’s brother, King Claudius. As the reader, we only see her …

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Gertrude is a female given name which is derived from Germanic roots that meant "spear" and "strength". "Trudy", originally a diminutive of "Gertrude," has developed into a name in its own right. In German-speaking countries, Gertraud is a familiar variation of the name. "Gartred" is a rare variation.

Meaning: derived from words meaning "spear" .

Related names: Gertrud, Gjertrud, Gertraud, G.

Frequently asked questions

How is Gertrude presented Hamlet essay?
Gertrude is generally presented as a weak and superficial woman who is easily manipulated by others. In the play, she is controlled by both her husband, Claudius, and her son, Hamlet. She is unaware of the true nature of either man, and blindly accepts whatever they tell her. This ultimately leads to her downfall, as she is unable to see the truth of the situation until it is too late.While Gertrude may be weak-minded, she is not without her own strength. She is a survivor, having outlived both her husband and son. In the end, she is the only one left standing, a testament to her strength of character.While she may not be the smartest or most insightful person, Gertrude is ultimately a good person. She is loving and kind, and does her best to care for those around her. In the end, she is able to see the error of her ways and make peace with Hamlet, showing that she is capable of growth and change.
How would you describe Gertrude in Hamlet?
Gertrude is Hamlet's mother, and the Queen of Denmark. She is a beautiful and virtuous woman, but she is also weak and easily influenced by others. She is easily flattered, and she is quick to believe anything she is told. She is also quick to anger, and she can be vindictive.
Is Gertrude a victim or villain?
It depends on interpretation. Some people may see Gertrude as a victim because she was married to a man who frequently cheated on her and she was forced to deal with the fallout from his infidelity. Others may see her as a villain because she was an accessory to Hamlet's plan to kill Claudius and she ultimately ended up getting killed herself. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether they believe Gertrude is a victim or a villain.
How is Gertrude selfish?
Gertrude is selfish because she is always thinking about herself and what she wants. She doesn't care about others and only wants to be happy. She is also very manipulative and often uses people to get what she wants.

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