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History: Luzon and Philippine Folk Dances

Pandanggo sa Ilaw Luzon Folk Dance (Candle Dance) Pandanggo sa Ilaw – This popular dance of grace and balance comes from Lubang Island, Mindoro in the Visayas region. The term pandanggo comes from the Spanish word fandango, which is a dance characterized by lively steps …

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What is folk dance essay?
Transcending the time, containing bits of every single culture, showing beauty in movement, and telling stories. Folk dances help to express the country's traditional culture. ... It is a form or ethnic dance.
What is the importance of folk dance?
What is folk dance and its importance? Folk dancing is vital for keeping a culture alive. It teaches and shares the dances with younger people. Dance preserves history. Dances are a way that a community celebrates an important date or event.
What I learned is that folk dance?
What I discovered in folk dance is that the traditional dances of our people don't have easy steps but every step of them is meaningful. Every folk song is a symbol of something they believe in or in their culture.

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