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Balfour vs. Balfour Case Study


Case StudyContractJustice
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Misrepresentation Case

A misrepresentation is distinct from a statement of opinion which may render a valid contract void or voidable. There is a difference between innocent, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations. An innocent misrepresentation would affect a contract. A negligent misrepresentation may result in liability for negligence; whereas, …

Business LawContractJustice
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Van Den Berghs Ltd V Clark

Introduction In Malaysia, the Income Tax Act 1967 Section 3 sets the scope of income tax provided that income accrued in or derived from Malaysia would be tax. However, S3B of the Act specifically provides that income derived by an offshore company in respect of …

ContractEssay ExamplesTax
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A comparison of english and german contract law

Contracts are part and parcel of our daily activities; they are basically agreements that people make, a fulfillment of which will benefit the two parties. The most common contracts that people make are either implied or oral. They may not have a legal binding where …

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Business Law. TUTORIAL 2 1: Ali and Abu

TUTORIAL 2 1. Ali and Abu were neighbours. Ali had to go to Singapore for a business seminar. Before he left, he told Abu “Please look after my house”. After two weeks of being away, Ali’s house caught fire and Abu could only save a …

Business LawContractJustice
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Conflict on a Trading Floor

Conflict on a Trading Floor The case describes the ethical dilemma occurred in FirstAmerica Bank. The sales department of the bank was preparing a 700 mln. USD loan contract for one of the bank’s former client: Poseidon Cruise Lines. Poseidon intended to order a large …

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Certificate of making good defects,c.d.m, latent defects

* Under 2005 The Certificate Of Practical J.C.T. Completion has far making effects upon the rights and duties of all concerned within the contract these include the beginning of the defects liability period which normally lasts for 6 months.Possession of the site returns to the …

ContractEssay ExamplesInsuranceJustice
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Feed R&D or Farm It Out Cases

Case 1 Feed R&D or Farm It Out? The predicament that RLK Media is facing is losing their market share in the products that they manufacture and sell, without a new product to offer its customers and with the very competitive pace that the other …

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Pages 7
Japanese Bribe Case Study

Background of the Case 1976 Former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was arrested on charges of taking bribes amounting to $1. 8 Million Dollars from Lockheed Aircraft Company. Tanaka’s secretary and several other government officials were arrested together with former Prime Minister Tanaka. Takeo Miki …

BriberyCase StudyContract
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Negotiable and Nonnegotiable Instrument

Question 1 Distinguish between a negotiable and nonnegotiable instrument. Be explicit. Negotiable instruments such as contracts are usually commercial in nature. These forms of negotiable instruments have requirements which abide with the provisions of the revised Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Under …

ContractEssay ExamplesJusticeMoney
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Written Analysis and Communication: Report on Homesafe Limited

Homesafe Ltd. Written Analysis and Communication Instructor: Dr. Seema Khanvilkar Submitted By: Apurv Jain, D023 Shreyansh Jain, D027 Mohit Sejwal, D055 Vinay Pal, D045 Sahil Bhavnani, D006 Aman Jakhar, D030 Letter of Transmittal To, Dr. Seema Khanvilkar, Business Communication Faculty, SBM, NMIMS – Mumbai Date: …

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Forfeiture Clauses in Construction Contract

In building and engineering contracts it is usual to insert a provision empowering the employer to forfeit certain rights or property of the contractor on the occurrence of certain events. “Forfeiture clause” is a loose term usually used to describe a clause in a written …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
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Biovail Harvard Business Review Case

Therefore, if the contract between the distributor and Bolivia is “FOB Shipping Point”, then Bolivia should recognize the revenue once the truck left its manufacturing facility in Manitoba, Canada. Under “FOB Destination” contract structure: Since “FOB Destination” contract requires the seller to be responsible for …

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Business Law Cases Summary

Offer ( Topic 3) Is a proposal the acceptance of which establishes the existence of an agreement. It shows a promissory intent. In other words, it is a promise to do or refrain from doing something. – Usually upon condition that the other party agrees …

Business LawContractJustice
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Pages 16
Shariah Issues in Islamic Banking : Bay Al-Inah, Tawarruq and Wa’d

Abstract The rising of the Islamic banking and finance industry is a direct response to the growing awareness amongst Muslim regarding the need of alternative financial products and services that is complied with the teaching of Islam. To be specifically, the demand is based on …

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Summary Ben Carson Story

According to the movie, Ben Carson grew up from the poor family with his mother is non-education. She is only a maid in the rich man’s house. One day during cleaning his house, Ben’s mother learned that reading a book is better than spending the …

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Law on Obligation and Contracts Reviewer

Payment or performance payment means not only the delivery of money but also the performance, in any other manner of an obligation. How must the payment be made?  There must be delivery of the thing or rendition of the service that was contemplated.  The debtor …

ContractContract LawJusticePayment
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Achieving Greatness

Achieving Greatness Greatness is something achieved by going above and beyond the norms of being great. Grandpa, Benjamin Slater, has achieved greatness through his hard work, generosity, and loving personality. Ben was always doing things to help others, including his children, grandchildren, and neighbors. He …

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Cost Management Test Questions & Suggested Solutions

Management Test Questions & Suggested Solutions by L. Muralidharan, FCA, Grad. CWA Question 1 Bharata Ltd is considering proposals for design changes in one of a range of soft toys. The proposals are as follows: Eliminate some of the decorative stitching from the toy. Use …

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Takem’s Appliances and Electronics

The world of commerce and most business relationships are initiated on a contract. Understanding of contract law is crucial for all business people, owners, and managers. Since most commercial arrangements are constructed on contractual relationships. A decent preliminary point would be an empirical definition of …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
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Cargill vs. Intra Strata Assurance Corporation

1. Whether petitioner is doing or transacting business in the Philippines in contemplation of the law and established jurisprudence; 2. Whether respondent is estopped from invoking the defense that petitioner has no legal capacity to sue in the Philippines; Facts: Petitioner Cargill, Inc. (petitioner) is …

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Consensus Ad Idem

EROSION OF CONSENSUS AD IDEM This work is to discuss about the erosion of “consensus ad idem” or called as “meeting of the minds”, to get to know about this we have to know about “Contract” where in which the “consensus ad idem” plays a …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
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Hamer v. Sidway Case Briefs (1891)

Who is Hamer in Hamer v sidway? Hamer is the side of a nephew who filed a lawsuit against his uncle in the amount of $ 5,000 for failure to fulfill the contract. What rule of contract law did the court apply to the facts …

Case briefContractJustice
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Section 13 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979

Based on a long common law history and once an important measure in sales contracts, s.13 Sale of Goods Act 1979 has now become unnecessary and irrelevant.’ Introduction Section 13 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 was previously considered an important measure in sales …

Words 1139
Pages 5
Analysis of Political, Economic, Legal and Technological Risks in Indonesia

Introduction Doing or expanding business in Asia nowadays has become a popular trend from companies around the world, many big firms based on Europe and United States of America recently has opened a branch in Asia in order to reach the Asia Market. The main …

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Pages 9
Economic Duress

The test for duress of the person Barton v. Armstrong It is enough that the pressure “was a reason (not the reason, nor the predominant reason nor the clinching reason) why the complainant acted the way he did. The person who applies pressure to extract …

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Pages 8
Partnership Law

The Law of Partnerships:Scott Osborne The applicable law: Partnership Act 1892 (NSW) The relevant law is contained in the Partnership Act (PA) of each of the jurisdictions. All are based on the PA (1890) UK Act. The contractual nature of Partnerships Partnerships are essentially contractual. …

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Pages 20
Government Intervention: Airbus and Boeing

Government Intervention at Boeing and Airbus Towards the beginning of aircraft manufacturing, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas stood as the leading aircraft manufacturers on a global scale. Working alongside the U. S. Department of Defense, Boeing received multiple contracts aiding the industry with tax breaks and …

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Credit Agreement Resolutive Condition

Pactum reservati dominii 2. Facts of the case and the issues to be decided4 3. Validity and effects of pactum reservati dominii in the present case5 Conclusion7 References8 Table of Cases Quirk’s Trustees v Assignees of Liddle & Co. (1884 – 1885) 3 SC 322 …

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Pages 6
Scots Law of Contract

All of the case studies are concerned with the Law of Contract, specifically the formation of a contract and the differences between an invitation to treat and a contract. We will investigate each consumers’s specific contract or lack thereof individually and advise Bruce on his …

Words 1357
Pages 5
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A contract is a legally enforceable agreement that creates, defines, and governs mutual rights and obligations among its parties. A contract typically involves the transfer of goods, services, money, or a promise to transfer any of those at a future date.


Ratifying a contract is the act of approving the terms and conditions that are being spelled out in the document. For example, if you go on vacation and provide permission to an employee to sign a contract on your behalf, you may be then asked to ratify it.


An assignment of contract occurs when one party to an existing contract (the "assignor") hands off the contract's obligations and benefits to another party (the "assignee"). Ideally, the assignor wants the assignee to step into his shoes and assume all of his contractual obligations and rights.

Contract law cases

  • Carlill v Carbolic Smoke B...
  • Balfour v Balfour
  • Felthouse v Bindley
  • Hyde v Wrench
  • Hong Kong Fir Shipping...

Frequently asked questions

What is a contract essay?
A contract essay is an essay that discusses the formation and enforcement of contracts. The essay may discuss the different types of contracts, the elements of a contract, or the enforcement of contracts. The essay may also discuss the remedies for breach of contract.
What is a contract explain?
A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates legally binding obligations between the parties. A contract can be written, oral, or implied by the actions of the parties. Contracts can be for goods, services, employment, leases, or other agreements.
Why contract is important in our life?
A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Contracts are formed when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts the offer. A contract can be oral or written, but most contracts are written.There are many reasons why contracts are important in our life. Contracts provide certainty and predictability in our relationships with others. They allow us to set expectations and agree on terms upfront, which can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes later on. Contracts also protect our rights and interests. For example, if we enter into a contract to buy a car, the contract will specify the price, delivery date, and other important details. This protects us from being taken advantage of or getting a car that is not as described.Finally, contracts enforce promises. If one party breaks the terms of the contract, the other party can take legal action to enforce the contract and get damages. This provides a strong incentive for both parties to uphold their end of the bargain.
What is contract writing?
Contract writing is the process of drafting, negotiating, and finalizing a contract. It can be a complex process, as contracts can be very long and detailed, and often involve multiple parties. The first step in contract writing is usually to draft a proposal or outline of the agreement, which is then sent to the other party or parties for review. Once the proposal is accepted, the parties will begin negotiating the terms of the contract, which can take some time. Once the terms are agreed upon, the contract is typically written up in a more formal document and signed by all parties.

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