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Achieving Greatness

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Achieving Greatness Greatness is something achieved by going above and beyond the norms of being great. Grandpa, Benjamin Slater, has achieved greatness through his hard work, generosity, and loving personality. Ben was always doing things to help others, including his children, grandchildren, and neighbors. He was the person other people would come to if they ever needed anything. Even if it was to fix a leaking sink, or they needed some advice.

Benjamin hard work was shown through his actions at Good-Year Tire and Rubber Company making tires and running dangerous machinery. He worked there most of his life until he retired at the age of 62. He also had some under the table jobs fixing houses, cars, or anything that needed fixed. He had a garden in his back yard, when he would get home from work he would go straight back to his shed and start gardening. He was also on a Tuesday night bowling league every week.

Every day Ben would get up early, go to the diner just down the street from his house, and have a cup or two of coffee. He would always bring back cinnamon rolls for his family. While my parents were going through a divorce, my grandpa gave my father a place to stay. He provided for two extra people, and did not make my father pay rent. Ben has shown plenty of generosity to his family and others. He attended church every Sunday at Kansas Avenue united Methodist Church in Topeka, Kansas. He would put a check in the offering every time.

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Ben's loving personality was shown when he was in the garden, playing with his dog, Duke, or watching his grandchildren. Ben never wanted to see a frown on anyone's face. He would do anything and everything just to see someone smile. He took all of his grandchildren out for ice cream when we were at family events. Ben's loving personality really showed when he was tit his children. The love he had for his children was doubled due to the loss of their mother, his wife Marilyn Slater in 1995.

Benjamin took on a very hard role, of loving and taking care of five children. In June of 2005, Benjamin Slater left behind a name that others would be proud of. He showed bravery and strength in the hard times, love and compassion when his family needed it, and kind and generous hands in times of helping. In addition, was willing to do anything just to keep someone happy. In conclusion, Benjamin has achieved greatness through his actions towards his family and others.

Achieving Greatness essay

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