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For company’s like the Federal Agencies thinking professional as well as showing how real professional work is given to each and every people in the agency, but one things is not present which is also very common to private firms as well is the “family orientation” within the organization, where managers are leaders and staffs are followers and all of them are in one direction, and that is to have their own family succeed.

Company executives must look into practicing this simple ideology, because most especially nowadays people are not anymore contented by changes that are there but not properly implemented, most especially incentive plans that are not happening in real life. There should be a drive that can implement it, because still employees determination to deliver quality result in work will definitely be seen on this one, no matter if your company is service oriented or manufacturing based, there should be incentive plans and initiatives that it must provide, and this can only happen if you have leaders who is determined to make it happen.

Leaders has played an important role in every success that a company has, they are the ones who provided direction to the company. Federal Agency must also look forward in having the best leaders around, a leader that will have the desire to provide change and implement only the best and well treated policies within the agency that will help to materialize the objectives and mission. And this must start at looking at the welfare of the people within the organization. Leaders as the main key in Achieving Effective Human Resource Performance

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Most company nowadays continuous to faced bigger challenges, whether it pertains to their customers, employees, inflation, security, or meeting the next quarter target earning of the company. Preparation is very important these days, and that is also why succession planning is vital for the continuous success of the company. The main purpose of this plan is to prepare companies in advance, that when time comes the employee leaves the company there should be a person who can confidently perform the task.

This is essential for most middle and high level position of the company, where strategies and technical processes are performed, like CEO of the company. But, it was revealed that based from the 1380 HR Director Respondents of top companies in the US, 60% admitted that they didn't have a CEO succession plan. It was also stated that for the last two decades companies usually focus more on financial targets while allocating effort in finding future leaders inside the company is not being given much of a priority, even though it was clear that CEO’s are the ones who directs and provides strategies based on the company’s business objectives.

It was also found out that most companies do not give this much attention since hiring a new qualifies CEO outside is easy even though there was strong evidence that well groomed insiders are the key to sustain company performance. Whether is it hiring a new CEO from the outside or preparing potentials inside, these can only be decided by not only on the focus on quantitative findings but more importantly qualitative study.

Succession plan is not just an event it is more of a process. It means that when the Chairman does introduce a new CEO of the company with cocktail part is not the most important thing; instead the focus is how the company provides effective processes in doing succession planning. Like, knowing the strength and weaknesses for both potential internal leaders and qualified external leaders is necessary in order to give the management better decision.

It is relevantly true that most internal leaders knows the company well and can easily work effectively with the people and with the number of years they stayed in the company, it is safe to say that they also know almost the entire operation and processes of the company, but one of their common drawbacks is that they lack outside vision, unlike for outside leaders, they are more visionary and they can easily adopt to radical change, most especially if this change can drive progress in the company.

But since change is not so popular to most companies, this is also the difficulty faced by external leaders. Having to combine the different qualities of these two types of leaders, we can easily say that what the company needs is a good inside-outsider leader.

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