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Factitious Disorder

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PERSUASIVE WRITING INTRODUCTION A persuasive essay is one where the writers chooses a side on particular argument or issue and tries to convince the reader to support the same side on the argument. The most successful and effective persuasive essay appeals to both the readers’ logic and emotions. Persuasive writing is also referred to as creative writing or simply an argument in which the writer was penetrating words and phrases to woo the readers into believing or supporting the writers’ opinion. Persuasive writing involves convincing the reader to perform an act or to simply agree with the writer’s view of the argument.

Persuasive writing is ubiquitous one and the top three writing types in the world next to descriptive narrative. Persuasive writers have many techniques to elucidate and to improve their argument and support their claim. Persuasive essay, “a writing that offers and support on opinion. " CHARACTERISTICS OF PERSUASIVE WRITING Not too long: a thesis of a persuasive essay should not be too long because if it is lengthy the readers may lose interest quickly hence wouldn’t get the message you would be trying to deliver to them.

But in fact you should only write a short, straight to the point essay as it works best at convincing readers. Consistency: it is very important to be consistent when writing a persuasive essay because if you are inconsistent the readers will think you are unstable and do not know what you are talking about and they won’t be convinced by your arguments. Therefore by being consistent the readers will realise that you are rational and have integrity about your writing hence they are easily convinced.

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Factitious Disorder

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Arguments supported with statistics and citation of sources of information: when writing a persuasive essay it is very important to support your arguments with statistics to instil a sense of trust in your readers. It also shows the reliability of your essay and this will leave the readers with no choice but to agree with your opinion. Citation of sources enhances professionalism and strengthens the credibility of your essay hence the readers are easily convinced. CONCLUSION

With the structure of persuasive writing it is important that it is organised, straight forward, convincing and all the points should be supported. Without these points a persuasive essay won’t really be a persuasive essay. Finally with the characteristics for a persuasive piece, these are being emotionally engaged with the audience so that they stay hooked to what you are actually saying and the piece should be written from the perspective of the readers with supporting facts and statistics.

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