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MEMORANDUM To: The Models of the Beauty Pageant From: Janera A. Glassburn Date: October 12,2010 Subject: The best facial scrub for under $10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I was recently informed that there was going to be a beauty pageant in our town. Several of the young ladies are complaining about a lack of time to get their skin looking fantastic. I was called upon to find a facial scrub that is less than $10, effective in a three week period, and has little negative effects that go along with it, like drying ones skin out or leaving it just plain oily.

I chose to use Proactive original face cleanser, Neutrogena deep cleaning gentle scrub, and Clearasil ultra acne clearing scrub on myself for a week each, to see which scrub would give me the best results, and allow you all to have a wonderful pageant with wonderful skin. * Proactive Original Face Cleanser * Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Gentle Scrub * Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub Using these three criteria I found which cleanser would be best suited for your needs. These criteria are: * The cost of the product * The effectiveness of the product.

Or how quickly I noticed a difference in my skin and how long it lasted throughout the day. * The negative aspects of the product, which included drying of the skin and just leaving it oily. Finally you would want the price of your cleanser to be less than $10, see quick results, long lasting, and not leave your skin dry and flaking or oily I would recommend choosing Clearasil’s Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub for everyday facial cleansing. INTRODUCTION Finding the cleanser that works best with your skin is a very important task.

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I have researched three different types of facial scrubs to ensure you get the most effective product for your money. The three facial scrubs I researched are: * Proactive Original Face Cleanser * Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Gentle Scrub * Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub When considering these three facial scrubs certain criteria were used. The criteria are as follows: The cost of the product, its effectiveness, and any negative aspects of using the product. Proactive Original Face Cleanser

I want to tell you that over all cleansers this is my favorite for reducing acne and keeping my skin oil free for the longest period of time, but the cost is a little outrageous to be used everyday. Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Gentle Scrub This cleanser was my least favorite cleanser of the three cleansers compared in this paper. Neutrogena was never actively helping me get rid of any oil on my skin and therefore, did not dry it out. Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub Overall this cleanser is the recommended facial scrub written about in this paper.

It has a price that cannot be beat for the great benefits of smelling good, having smooth oil free skin after using it, and minimal drying of the skin after repeated use. CRITERIA When I compared these three facial cleansers the criteria used was: * The cost of the product * The effectiveness of the product * The negative aspects of the product RECOMMENDATION Based on the fact that you want a facial scrub with a cost of less than $10, quick and lasting results, and no oily skin with minimal drying or flaking I chose Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub.

CONCLUSION I researched facial scrubs on my own skin for those of you who were looking for a product that was less than $10, had a quick and long lasting oil free effect on your skin, and yet did not dry out your skin or leave it oily. I found that using Clearasil ultra acne clearing scrub was the scrub you should chose based on the criteria you had given me. This product left my skin clean, oil free for most of the day, and never once did I have any drying out of my skin.

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