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Ego-Centricity and Socio-Centricity

The Different Windows of Life We all see the world In different perspectives and that’s how we, as humans, handle this Journey called life. Two of the many different views of life are ego- eccentricity and solo-centrally, they may seem new to you but actually they’re already spread out In the minds of different Individuals. As seen In the structure of the two words, egocentricity and egocentricity, they are obviously two different words not only in structure but also in meaning.

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Let me elaborate on their difference in meaning based on their structure. Egocentricity comes from the Latin word “ego” meaning “l” and “centrists” meaning “centered upon”. From their etymology we can infer that the word meaner centered upon oneself. Egocentricity is having opinions or views in life which highlight oneself or give importance to the decisions of an individual. Ego centrists believe that they are the most Important living things on the earth more than any plant or animal and their view on life Is mostly Influenced by oneself only.

They believe that life Is colluded by Individuals and not by any social group or plant/animal. On the other hand Socio-eccentricity coming from the Latin word “socio” meaning companion and “centrists” meaning “centered upon” meaner having views or opinions based on one’s membership in a social organization. Socio-eccentricity is having views that one is dominant because of his/her participation in any social organization or structure. Socio-centrists often associate themselves within their group and not as an individual not unlike the former.

They also believe that life Is McCollum by societal groups and not Just by any individual. They believe that 2 heads are indeed better than one. No matter what flews/pollens you Imbibe wealth yourself, believe that the world Is McCollum by what we do and not what we think of ourselves or any human being. We can only solve the problems of the people if we do some action about it. We can never solve anything based only on our views. We can only bring an end to these if we do our part as human beings here on earth.