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The Id, Ego, and Superego play a rather important role in my daily activities; even if I do not realize it. All three of these components are important to my personality functions as well as decision making, according to Freud. The Id is the section of our minds that focus on our basic needs. The Ego is responsible for the outside world and the reality of society. The Superego is responsible for our morals and ethics of everyday issues. While all three focus on different bases of our everyday needs, all three components help individuals restrain from wrongdoings and assists in decision/functioning of everyday activities.

Every day, my Id has helped me meet and satisfy my basic needs from sleep to hydration to other several needs. If I need a break, my Id would want to accomplish that need and completely ignore any tasks that must be completed. If I am hungry and I am at work, my Id would decide that I want to eat, and I will get food at any cost. However, my Ego would decide that I wait to eat until it is my lunch break; when it is time, I will be pleased since I waited. If I decide to get up and eat, it would be disrespectful and inappropriate in my workplace. With my Superego, it would have the same reasoning as my Ego, but it would also question the right and the wrongdoings of my actions. Therefore, waiting patiently to eat until my lunch break or until I am given a break is the better fit for my Superego.

Having early classes, sometimes getting out of bed is a bit difficult, at times I want to sleep in and skip class. In this situation, my Id would decide that I should ignore my alarm and sleep in instead of getting up and going to school. My Id will be focused on my basic need of wanting and needing more sleep and by choosing to stay in, it satisfies my immediate essential. At this point, my Ego will be trying to negotiate with every other section of my personality/mind. If it was up to my Ego, it would decide that I should get up and get ready for school. The reasoning behind the decision is that school and getting an education is better than staying at home sleeping; society will frown upon someone who decides to ditch classes and by going, my Ego satisfies that norm. With my Superego, it would be a bit more of a tug-of-war as it brings up the consequences of my actions. If I was to stay in and sleep, I would be in the wrong for skipping class and not bettering my education. However, by staying in and getting more rest, I will be improving my health and my productivity for the day.

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But with morals also in the mix, my Superego would decide to go to class as (1) I will be educating myself, gaining more knowledge and providing myself with an advantage in the future and (2) I am paying for college, so I should be taking full advantage of what I am paying. All three parts of my personality will be trying to decide on a proper solution, but it ultimately comes to a decision that is agreed on by all three but will also satisfy the norms expected by society and myself. I have used all three parts of the personality that Freud had discovered in a variety of ways. Like mentioned before, the usage of these three components of my personality has been very active especially in balancing school, work, and home responsibilities. There is a lot of balancing that needs to be done to function properly in everyday life and accomplish all that needs to be done for the day.

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