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Contrast Media Procedures For Radiography Health And Social Care Essay

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In the skiagraphy unit, contrast media ( centimeter ) is one of the agents who helped to better the truth of x-ray image of some x-ray scrutiny processs. In add-on. CM is a substance that is radio-opaque. This cause the contrast media was white on x-ray images. Contrast primary usage is to make the consequence of media images appropriate to the construction or the fluid in the organ basdan. Contrast media major intent of reexamining any pathology of the variety meats involved.

Contrast media can be divided into two classs: positive and negative contrast media. In general, a positive contrast media to heighten the soaking up of X ray and displayed as white and grey ( rare ) . Less negative while x-ray soaking up and produces images that are dark and sometimes grey.

The usage of contrast media are a few ways. Among them are, to present contrast media into the organic structure by injection through the venas, arterias and lympatic. Cantrast media can besides come in through the oral cavity and from the rectum. Examples of such compounds iodinated contrast positive and negative contrast as gas ( air ) or C dioxide.

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Among the processs affecting contrast media is IVU scrutiny, upper gastrointestinal system ( GIT ) , lower GI system, gall bladder and bilious canals and others.


Urografi endovenous or better known as IVU mean radiographic scrutiny of the urinary system by utilizing contrast media to measure the map of the system.

The intent of this review was to detect and measure the anatomical constructions that make up the urinary system seprti kidney, ureter, vesica and urethra, and Fungis such systems.

In add-on, it besides seeks to measure the rate of elimination and soaking up of the urinary system itself. The size, form and place of soft tissue around the kidney will be seen on this scrutiny. Not merely that, but no pathology or disease, and breaks in the system awared radiographs taken.

IVU endovenous urography which means radiographic scrutiny of the urinary system with a water-soluble contrast media to measure the map of the urinary system.

This review is to show anatomy and measure the map of constructions that make up the system, such as kidney, ureter, urinary vesica and urethra.

This scrutiny aims to measure the rate of elimination and soaking up of these constructions. In add-on, the size and place of soft tissue around the kidney will be shown. This cheque can besides place any pathology or upset of the system to the system through a series of radiogram taken.

A As is good known, the usage of contrast media scrutiny of a solution incorporating iodine compounds. The solution was injected through a vena in the fossa antekubital antekubital the cubitus articulation. Contrast can be seen in both kidneys during the filtration procedure and can demo the ability to map. This scrutiny is merely 50-70 milliliter dijalanakan after injection. contrast media into the vena. Then a everyday X ray images are taken.

This is normally called the IVU or IVP. Research is suggested for patients with jobs related to the urinary system. These trials show the kidney, womb and vesica. IVU is the appropriate trial for the probe of blood in the piss ( haematuria ) , skit in the genital and kidney rocks.

Inventories are required depending on the state of affairs. If proving is required, readying is non required. However, if it is in conformity with the clip prescribed by the physician, patients are required to fast nightlong to clean the bowels. An agent ( drug ) to empty the intestine, and will be given on an assignment. If the patient has a history of asthma, allergic to iodine or a history of reactions to contrast media beriodin, medical specialty or other allergic reactions, or interpreter radiologist X ray should be informed.


At the clip of proving, the patient will lie on the table X ray. An X ray will be taken before the contrast medium injected into a vena. The radiotherapist will put a little acerate leaf on the arm venas. When the contrast medium injected into the vena, a individual may experience hot. That feeling will vanish shortly after the injection. X raies are taken and later, a force per unit area ring will be placed on the venters to demo a better nephritic systems. This will do the patient feels uncomfortable tetepi will non impact the patient 's external respiration. Radiographs ( x-ray ) will be taken. When the set released emphasized, patients need to empty the urinary vesica, and one more X raies are taken. Not all patients with caput memrlukan accent to the venters, depending on the shot obtained for the urinary system of a individual.


There are six projections to be taken:

  1. Film prelim
  2. Film immediate
  3. 5 minute movie
  4.  10 infinitesimal film ( compressed )
  5. 5Film release
  6.  Film post-mict

Charge clip series projection objective

1 Preliminary


35x43cm During the first patient to patient to see the intestine readying

To place the place of the renal

To find the exposure factor

To see the pathological abnormalcies

2 Immediate

24x30cm movie and instantly upon after injection of contrast media to see the film nephrogram opasiti parekima system to measure nephritic and kidney after injection of contrast media

50 ml injection of contrast media, taken instantly after the injection is made

To demo nephrogram stage of nephritic parenchyma showed

3 5 proceedingss

35x30cm KUB radiogram after 5 proceedings of injection of contrast media to measure the secernment of contrast media in both nephritic

To see the symmetricalness in the elimination of both kidneys

Shows the system pelvic girdle

The flow of contrast agent by the kidneys than

A farther injection of contrast media may be less if opaksifikasi kidney

4 10 proceedingss with the force per unit area

24x30cm radiographic renal ( nephrogram ) after force per unit area for 10 proceedingss performed 15 proceedingss after injection system to show the pelvis-kalikseal

Shows the pelvic girdle with contrast agent system

Restrict the contrast medium into the ureter down

5 Release

A Overall 35x43cm radiogram ( KUB ) after force per unit area is removed to show the urinary piece of land

To see the flow of contrast medium make fulling the full ureter

6 Post micturation

35x43cm KUB radiogram is removed after the piss from the vesica ( after micturition ) To see the staying balance of contrast media in the urinary piece of land

To see the ability of the ureter and vesica voidance

Show any abnormalcy such as vesica tumour, divertikulum

Patient attention after the process

Ensure that patients in stablei?? status

iatient altering the original

For the patient, back to the twenty-four hours carei?? unit

For the patient, back to the wardi??


Why might necessitate endovenous urography ( IVU ) ?

There are many fortunes which require IVU scrutiny, but the most common is when you are suspected of holding rocks in your micturition system. Doctor wants to cognize how to make right out of the kidney to the vesica and how rocks affect the system itumembawa micturition.

This trial can be used together with nephritic ultrasound and frailty versa. IVU besides used in the hunt for urinary obstructor or blood in the piss.

What particular readying is necessary?

Giving consequence to fast

If the process done in the afternoon, the patient can eat a light breakfast. It is best if there anything to eat or imbibe 6 hours before the process. Water is allowed for those with diabetes, patients with myeloma, gijal failures and other unwanted wear conditions.

Regulation of drug pickings

Can non be of any ordinance ( other than those listed below ) in add-on you have asthma or allergic reactions are known. If this is the instance, your review will be reviewed, because you can acquire a reaction to the contrast media used. If your physician feels that the benefits exceed the hazard of the process, you will be given medicine pill Pediapred ( a steroid ) before the review - every bit much as 40mg 12 hours before and after, 40mg 2 hours before the process. Sometimes, if the scrutiny should be done instantly and you may non hold been prepared and have allergic reactions, you will be injected with 100 milligrams cortisol ( a steroid ) before scrutiny.

Inventory bowel

Diet without veggies and the remainder of the twenty-four hours before the scrutiny. Drink H2O freely during this before fasting once more. You will be given a laxative such as 2 tablets or 10 tablets eucarbon dulcolex at 6 autopsy before the showing. Bowel readying demands vary between different radiology sections, and you should be in relation to certain staff at the topographic point where you will hold your cheque.

What really happens during an IVU?

You need to alter apparels and have on a infirmary gown for this scrutiny and are asked to resign the piss your vesica. You will lie on a particular tabular array and abdominal radiogram will be performed at specific intervals.

Contrast is given ( with a needle through a vena in your arm ) after the radiogram. First in the early phases, the compaction will be performed ( for a short clip merely ) at the underside of the organic structure by utilizing a shock absorber or a place belt or even the tabular array itself will travel down ( the caput ) .

In the normal flow of piss from the kidney to the vesica, Procedure takes 30 proceedingss to finish. You are asked to urinate before the last movie taken. However, depending on you, more films and positions will be taken.

Inspection will be arranged harmonizing to your sisitem micturition and may be modified and tmbahan medicine should be taken ( eg a diuretic ) in order to look into the state of affairs farther. This may take several hours to finish. At the terminal of the review, Radiologist to state why your physician foremost to propose that you run the IVU.

Is it possible troubles originate?

The lone trouble arises from the contrast media. These troubles are minor, such as itchiness, weariness and trouble external respiration, bead in blood force per unit area ( normally temporarily ) district attorney seldom dangerous ( anaphylaxis ) .

A Rare feeling of hurting and uncomfortableness occurs when the abdominal compaction to be done, but this compaction is normally stopped when you told the translator to manage the X ray of your scrutiny.

There are particular instructions after the IVU?

There are no particular instructions after IVU. You can eat and imbibe but make non see your physician because he may hold the scrutiny or other processs after the IVU scrutiny.

Barium clyster


This is an scrutiny utilizing X raies to analyze the colon with Ba sulphate as contrast media. Colon is portion of the bowel between the little bowel and rectum.

These trials evaluate the colon or big bowel. Apart from the nightlong fast, patients are required to provide the bowels. Bowel readying is normally carried out by utilizing julapp, which may be present in the signifier of pills, pulverizations or solutions. The trial besides does non take more than an hr. A tubing is so inserted through the rectum, and Ba. Radiologist may be given an injection in the blood vass to loosen up the bowels. Patients with unnatural bosom round, micturition due to prostate jobs that are non healthy or are required to advise the experts Rradiologi gaukoma that alternate medical specialty can be used. Radiologist will steer patients melelui some description of the different places.

Done through two methods:

I. Single contrast to kids

II. Double contrast ( air and Ba ) to see the colon


I. Ca colon

II. Obstruction ( barricading )

I. Pathology of colorectal

Contra indicants

I. Incomplete stock list venters

II. Pregnant

III. Severe hurting in venters

IV. Ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease ( terrible redness of the colon )

V. Toxic megacolon

Peersediaan venters

1. Give laxative 4 seeds two yearss before the scrutiny ( makn 2 seed after dinner )

2. Eat easy to digest ( MAGGI and staff of life ) . Meats and veggies ( or fiber nutrients ) should non be consumed 24 hours before the scrutiny

3. Drink plentifulness of H2O

4. Fast 5-6 hours prior to review

5. No smoke

Contrast media

Solution: 4 cups 1 cup gum acacia medebar 1400 H2O

Fluroskopi the ability of 10 frames / sec

Fluroskopi tabular array with 90/20 jousts

Equipment bags of Ba

Injection equipment direction

Equipment cannula rectum

Inspection process

  1. Prelim radiographs taken with the patient supine on the scrutiny tabular array
  2.  Equipment is provided by linking the catheter tip in the Ba and pump supplies
  3.  Catheter inserted in the rectum with the patient 's status on the left sides
  4.  Then Ba released to the fleksus splenik under conditions fluroskopi
  5.  Patients are asked prone and so turn to the left and right so that the Ba can be embedded in the big bowel
  6. 6 Excess Ba removed by raising the tabular array to place or by puting a bag erek Ba Ba bag on the floor
  7. The air will be pumped into the colon to attach to the full colon Ba and to demo `` kaustra '' colon. This is called a dual contrast consequence.
  8. After the process is performed, radiographs should be made of 4 projections ;

I. Prone - to show the full big bowel

II. Dekubitus sidelong right and left sidelong dekubitus - to show the full big bowel

III. Prone to the tubing confined corner of 45 grades to the bottom 5cm of the PSIS to see the sigmoid colon


When is a individual will necessitate a Ba clyster?

Since there is a colonoscopy ( endoscopic colon ) , Ba clyster is diminishing. However, this process memepunyai usage when there are alterations in the normal bowel, the presence of blood in the stool, abdominal hurting and anus are non uncommon, terrible irregularity every bit good as support for other types of reviews. Sometimes, when the colonoscopy process to measure the colon is non good for some ground ( the form of the colon that was revolving spiral ) Ba clyster is performed. There is besides a clear difference in cost, the Ba clyster is less expensive. However, colonoscopy has the advantage of transporting out a biopsy ( tissue trying ) ssebarang distinctive features or abnormalcies seen.

Sometimes if the colon is clearly a narrow or malignant neoplastic disease of the colon, Ba clyster scrutiny may demo the full colon and the presence of more than one malignant neoplastic disease better. The range will be a job through the narrow portion of the bowel, while Ba sulphate liquid to flux through the narrowest portion. A elaborate scrutiny of the Ba clyster may uncover narrowing of the big bowel, lesions and scratchs such as polyps or tumours.

How to fix for the Ba clyster?

Inventories gut to make 2 yearss or 48 hours before the process.

Eat nutrients low in fibre: Do non eat meat, veggies, fruits and dairy merchandises. Avoid high-fiber nutrients.

You can eat white staff of life, noodles ( like Mamee, MAGGI ) of fish and amylum on the first twenty-four hours of readying.

On the 2nd twenty-four hours, merely clear liquids such as glucose, Ribena, livita and field H2O, the Chinese, coconut H2O, clear soup ( beef or poulet soup that has been filtered ) should be eaten.

2 yearss, you should imbibe plentifulness of fluids, including apparent H2O as much H2O in the organic structure will be lost when the drugs began to efficaciously gut.

On the twenty-four hours before the process, you will be given medicine ( laxatives or clyster ) to assist your bowels. Make non be afraid if you have diarrhea, because the intent of all this readying. Drugs are taken in pill signifier or liquid, such as Oral Fleet. Each will hold a radiology section in readying for Ba clyster and certain medicines may be of different types, although it has the same action in the intestine - which is to `` cleanse '' your colon. Large bowel ( colon ) is clean is of import so that the Ba clyster to look at your colon mucous membrane clearly. If your assignment is at 9 am, you will be asked to fast ( non eat and imbibe ) after 12 autopsy, the twenty-four hours prior to the process. If your oral cavity is dry, you can suck ketula ice. If your assignment is non in the forenoon, you have to fast for 6 hours before the process.

Barium Enema Introduction

A Ba clyster is a diagnostic trial. During the test, the physician puts a contrast stuff called Ba into the rectum. Adequate Ba is given to make full the colon ( big bowel ) . A apparent abdominal X ray was taken.

By make fulling the pit of the bowel, the physician can see the contours of the colon 's liner. Polyps, divertikula ( outpocketings ) , abscess, fistulous withers ( hole ) , kriptus ( pit of certain types ) , and inflammatory alterations can be detected. Mass ( eg tumour ) in peculiar is interesting because the trial is frequently used to test for colon malignant neoplastic disease.

Although Ba clyster was originally intended as a manner to name the disease, its function has changed. Doctors use the trial as a showing tool for certain people who are at hazard for colorectal malignant neoplastic diseases.

In add-on, the Ba clyster is used in some instances to handle a status. The force per unit area exerted when the Ba into the big bowel frequently consequences in work outing a intususepsi ( a telescope in which the effects of the big bowel creases in on itself ) -a status seen in babies.

A last trial, the double-contrast Ba clyster, was developed in order to see the mucose membranes in the intestine better. This is achieved by utilizing a roentgenoscope ( an engine to see the internal construction ) and by pull stringsing the place of the individual and the sum of Ba and air are introduced.


During Ba enema process, contrast stuff can punch the colon and spilled into the abdominal pit. Lining of the abdominal pit may go septic ( this status is called chemical peritoneal inflammation ) . Colon may be narrow and clogged.

Because of this possible job, certain people may non be good campaigners for this process.

Bowel before the process is completed. Anyone holding Ba clyster should be monitored for intestine readying process.

Perforation degrees between different types of clyster are likely due to perforation that occurred prior to the clyster, and the force per unit area exerted on the big bowel, non from the contrast stuff used.

Get downing Ba clyster

To acquire the exact contours of x-ray images of the colon, must be clean of dungs. This is achieved by cleansing clyster.

O In add-on, laxatives may be given orally to cleanse the colon of waste stuff could interfere with the processs and trial reading.

Normally, you will non be allowed to take nutrient or liquids after midnight the dark before your process. You may be given endovenous fluids incorporating dextroglucose ( sugar ) merely before the trial.

The process Sulawesi

Barium clyster is performed at the outpatient x-ray centre or big infirmary. You normally go place the same twenty-four hours.

When you arrive, the staff will look into the last clip you had no nutrient or liquids. They will besides guarantee that your colon has been adequately prepared ( by cleansing clyster or laxatives, or both ) .

You will stay awake during Ba clyster processs. Contrast stuff ( Ba ) is inserted into the rectum through a fictile tubing. Besides the uncomfortableness, you may experience the force per unit area of the fluid that is being provided. If non, the hurting should be minimum.

Some X ray is taken. The continuance of the download process depends on the velocity of Ba are needed to make full the field of involvement, the figure of exposures needed to decently measure the big bowel, and the add-on of Ba or exposures are required.

After Procedure

Most people have a short recovery clip and return place after the process.

These images are read by a qualified radiotherapist who presented the findings to your physician may take to see exposures every bit good. Doctors normally call you within a hebdomad with the consequences.

If there are unnatural consequences, such as contour abnormalities in the intestine suggest an unnatural mass, your physician will discourse the extra diagnostic and direction programs, which may include biopsy or surgery.

Following Measure

After you leave the infirmary or surgical centre, you expect after a intestine motion incorporating contrast stuff.

You must pay attending to abdominal hurting, spasms, or purging. Name your physician or seek medical attending at the nearest wellness installation if you have terrible symptoms.

Barium repast

Barium is a calcareous liquid that is used by radiotherapists to depict parts of the digestive piece of land on X ray. In this manner, the digestive piece of land is much more clearly seen in the radiogram and easier to name jobs tersebut pesakit patients will be given to imbibe Ba, which will demo the gorge ( nutrient tubing journey to the tummy ) the tummy and little bowel deodenum or rectal clyster may be given to demo big bowel.

How long is the review done?

Typically requires between 10-15 proceedings.


You may be given a drug pills to eat. Time be get downing the pills it would take the gas in the tummy. It is of import to seek because you would hold gas in the tummy during the scrutiny. After the patient swallows Ba, the patient will be asked to turn over to different places on the tabular array for x-ray tabular array to blend the Ba and gas in the tummy and duodenum.

A from the GI piece of land ( GIT ) , esophagus, tummy and duodenum.

Barium is a calcareous liquid that is used by radiotherapists to depict parts of the digestive piece of land on X ray. This is the x-ray sensing and X-ray image made from the GI piece of land is much more clear to see and is an assistance to name your job. Patients are given Ba to imbibe either, which will demo the gorge ( nutrient tubing journey to the tummy ) the tummy and little bowel or anus can be given as clyster to sketch the big bowel.

You will hold been sent to barium clyster because you may hold suffered from intestine wonts alteration is

Lower abdominal hurting

Bloated feeling

Shuttle diarrhoea and irregularity

Blood in intestine motion

Unexplained weight loss


For tummy involves eating merely soft nutrients, liquids, and take a laxative that will supply staff. You will be provided with written instructions about what you can eat and imbibe and when to take a laxative. If you are a diabetic be certain to inquire the staff for any particular instructions. A really powerful laxative and encouraged to stay close to the lavatory. Preparations for this process is really of import if the tummy is non clear processs will be done and should be rescheduled.


Small hazard of the process, the bowel may punch and barium might leak into the abdominal pit, it happens really seldom. Radiation dosage received is the same as your class will be unfastened for more than three old ages. You may be given medicine to loosen up the tummy during the process, if you suffer from bosom disease or glaucoma you should state the staff.


Will be done in the X-ray section and normally will be done as outpatient processs. If you believe you may be pregnant, you should state the staff before the start of the probe. When you arrive at your section will be displayed to the cubical and shows the current location near the lavatory, you will so be asked to take all your apparels and wear frocks, all metal objects, tickers and jewellery should be removed.

You will be comfy lying on the tabular array with a cover to cover your R

You will be asked to turn your manus, gently anal tubing is passed through a little way into the anus.

The Ba liquid will so be introduced bit by bit radiologist will so motivate you to alter the place on the tabular array to surface the interior of the colon with liquid.

Water can besides be inserted into the colon through the anal tubing of the same radiology section provides a clearer image of the colon.

This process is more uncomfortable than painful, you may see tummy spasms, and comprehensiveness.

You may be given an injection to loosen up the musculuss of the intestine wall, this may do blurring of your vision, but it will go through.

You will hold X raies taken of you in different places

The process can take about 20 proceedings even if you can remain in office longer, waiting for X raies and a visit to the lavatory.

If the process is complete, you will be able to travel to the lavatory. Some but non all of the Ba will be passed. Your soil will be removed when it is the colour white as Ba, your bench will go on to be a spot pale for a figure of intestine motions.

The balance of the Ba will be produced of course in the intestine, but this can do irregularity so you are encouraged to imbibe plentifulness of fluids and eat high fibre diet for several years. how long the process wiil user?

The examination normally takes between 10-15 proceedings.


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