Effect of extracurricular activities on the gpa

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An example of this would be a varsity player who has training in the afternoon till evening, then goes home with the notion that he still has to do an immense amount of paper work due the following morning. Furthermore, Roland, a professional writer, graduate of B. S. En may also pull his grades down if he becomes too engrossed [Emphasis mine] with other activities. This all boils down to the fact that poor time management will be the main downfall of an individual's academic performance. At this point, the question to ask is what's in it for one's character formation? Well, the experts have some points on this matter. First, McNealy summarizes that these activities actually are conducive to facilitate effective communication [Emphasis mine] (Francisco) because an individual is put in a situation wherein interaction is a just.

To illustrate this point, there is no such thing as a theatre actor who cannot communicate with his fellow actors, much more to the audience. He cannot be called one if he does not exemplify this trait. Second, confidence [Emphasis mine] is also attained through the process of the venture (Francisco) Nominal 3 for the same reason that one is put in this situation wherein bravery must be exercised with the help of this so called confidence. Again to compare it with an actor, one must be able to deliver his lines with absolutely no evidence of fear while he is carrying the weight of a performance.

These two points presented are further strengthened by " [a] 2001 survey of more than 50,000 high school students in Minnesota published in March 2003 issue of the Journal of School Health found that those who participated in extracurricular activities had higher [Emphasis mine] levels of social, emotional, and healthy behavior than students who did not participate (Francisco). " Altogether these findings indicate that confidence and communication skills, two of the many, are integral to building one's character through extracurricular activities as backed up by the prior evidence that are found in

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Franciscans research. On the other hand, there are also a few drawbacks or cons when it comes to character formation when one considers other miscellaneous influences. One would be the parents' influence wherein they'd force an individual to learn this certain activity but that task isn't to his liking, thus, all the more he is stressed [Emphasis mine] out (Roland). According to Frederick's, another drawback would be the unavoidable internal influences that one may encounter such as malicious authorities and peers who will force him to do harmful vices and delinquent actions (Francisco).

What's more is that the people who are participating in the extracurricular activity may actually be the one bringing themselves down for neglect of their other obligations like family, friends, etc. Without a doubt it would be disastrous if they were to treat their extra undertakings as their own vices. Finally, these findings would certainly be mainly dependent in the kind of educational context one is in. In conclusion, after all the facts have been presented, it all depends on an individual's choice whether or not he chooses to Join and bestow upon himself the benefits and pay a price or stay free with little or no improvement.

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