Early Childhood Education and Children

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Mothers Stay at Home Are there any benefits for children stay one of parent with them at home? Mothers who stay at home are helpful for their family. Many mothers prefer to give their children to their mothers, but if there is not grandmother to care child, that will be problem especially if the child is still baby or infant. Mothers are compelled to find a place to put their child there. Many kinds of places that may mothers join their child to stay there and to have education, such as to educational settings which consist of early child education, pre-school, nursery school, and pre-kindergarten.

Also, there are many places to get care and education for children nanny, governess, babysitting, au pair, and extended family, for example. In fact, mother’s decision; that choosing stay with her children at home or going to work and joining her children in convenient place, is important critical for her. A mother who stays at house are more probable to have time to be involved with their children. Those mothers who stay home is able to become more completely involved their children activities.

For example, mother will give carful and interest for her children. Moreover, many people mention to needs childhood such as feeding, sustenance, and nurturing. Most women have been housewife to be breadwinners, and to be caretakers. “Child care can cost up to $15,000 for one year in the United States. Approximately six out of every ten children, or almost 12 million children, age five and younger, are being jointly cared for by parents and early childhood educators, relatives, or other child-care providers” (Lynn, 2002).

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Indeed, many societies have been assumed that women will stay home and take care of their children while their spouses go out and work. In addition, woman pregnancy suffers to go out and doing hard work many hours without rest times, but when she stay home will get time to have rest and lying. Many mothers work to be ready for unexpected situations like a husband's unemployment, husband’s death, a divorce, or sickness. In fact, nobody wants to be working more than eight hours a day and missing his or her family life.

In encouragement of mothers who want to work, Dr. Phil says that many mothers optimism to be a parent and pursue an occupation and they often become miserable when they are stuck just in a parenting capacity. "If the child is mothered by a parent who is feeling frustrated and depressed and empty, that is not a good thing," he says. Even though some parents are now separated, father continues in the role of primary caregiver to his children, while mother continue to support her family. A man is not hard to give up the traditional role as breadwinner.

However, A woman can be more responsibility to earn money and take care for her family. A lot of women have been socialized to be service workers for their societies, not solely to be housewife. Some time a man feels difficult to abdicate some things like giving up self-worth, feelings of masculinity and personal power. It can be tough on men, especially in the beginning. In conclusion, it's these deeper issues. Making the decision to stay home with your children or join the workforce can be a difficult process. It appears approximating employed moms just can't success.

Every woman has dream to be effective in her society and earn money, but she will face challenges with her care children. Sources 1. Dr. Phil: http://drphil. com/articles/article/284 2. Olson, Lynn (2002). [According to the 2002 Quality Counts survey conducted by Education Week, approximately six out of every ten children, or almost 12 million children, age five and younger, are being jointly cared for by parents and early childhood educators, relatives, or other child-care providers. "Starting Early"]. Education Week 21 (17): 10–11. Retrieved 24 November 2012.

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