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Informative Essay on Dream Job

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Dream Job Jennifer Tilton Gen 200 April 26, 2010 Jennifer Brodie Dream Job When asked to describe a dream job and why, Marie had a hard time deciphering what the term, “dream job” meant to her. After substantial thought and self realization, she realized that the dream job for her is the brand operations manager for MAC Cosmetics. The three reasons she chose this area is because of the benefits, the ability to positively impact peoples’ lives and because make-up is her passion. The obvious reason behind any job is for the money.

Working as an operations manager is not an easy job and Marie found that one of the largest payoffs for carrying this title is the salary. On average, Brand Operations managers make six figures. Not only is that Marie’s personal salary goal but it is also what she has decided she needs to earn to establish a secure home for a family. The brand operation manager at MAC not only makes big bucks but also has amazing benefits. Marie found that MAC operation managers have about 7 percent of their income going into a 401k and MAC matches that percent.

So over about 30 years of saving that amount of money; when Marie is 55, she will have $2,203,880 to retire with. Not many employers will match 100 percent and most employers will only match up to 6 percent of your income. With these types of benefits any operations manager within MAC would be happy and happy manager’s means happy employees. This leads to making an impact on the employees and consumers lives. “There is no investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer through your establishment”. Marden, 1850) It’s important for Marie to feel good about what she does in her professional life. Being in such a credible position in such a large company can really move the mark in which ever direction one chooses. If Marie had the opportunity to make a change in the company, it would first be to make a change on the way the managers motivate their employees. She believes that the more positive reinforcement the employee receives, the better the results that employee will make for the company. She is noticing that most of the motivation being utilized with in the current management is using the scare tactic approach.

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Yes, it is producing results, and it is also producing very angry managers. She would also move the mark by turning the packaging into green material. By doing this, it will create awareness in consumers and staff to the importance of taking care of the planet. “Oct. 11, 2007 Eighty percent of young professionals are interested in securing a job that impacts the environment in a positive way, and 92% say they'd give preference to working for a company that is environmentally friendly”. (Anonymous, 2010) “Passion is an emotion that comes from within you. It is your enthusiasm, your zeal, your drive and your motivation”. Anonymous, 2008) Another major reason for Marie to want to be in this position is because make up has been her passion since she was young and it has been her ultimate dream to work for corporate MAC. Mixing business with pleasure will ultimately lead to happiness because she will be working for a company that she loves and supports. The ability to assist in the development of artists and managers will further develop the company to the standard she had always hoped. If Marie were able to get to the position that will allow her to move the mark in ways that people could never dream of is her ultimate dream.

In order for her to accomplish this dream she needs to be a leader in planning, formatting operations and planning the use of materials and human resources will help the company run smoothly. Marie wants to be the sole contributor to the reason MAC becomes a fortune 500 company. While writing this paper, Marie realized that her dream job is to be the manager of retail operations within MAC. It is important for her to be with a company which she has passion for, to move the mark within the company and to make a decent living in the process.

Everyone has had managers or people that work within their company that they don’t like, Marie has made a personal commitment to herself that she will never be that manager. She will be the manager she always wished she had and always train the best management for the company. Citations IT Managers. (2008). How passion for your job can lead to success. Retrieved from http://itmanagersinbox. com/1559/how-passion-for-your-job-can-lead-to-success/ Orison Swett Marden. (n. d. ). BrainyQuote. com. Retrieved April 28, 2010, from BrainyQuote. com Web site:

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