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Informative Essay on A Midsummer Night`s Dream

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Judging the various thematic expression of the play in the light of these lines, it is illustrated that sometimes imagination leads to wholesome results and sometimes leads to absurd consequences. The quintessence of A Midsummer Night’s Dream reveals that the quick fervor, the inconstancy, the quirky work of caprice, the illusion, the fictitious idealism, the delusions, love-idiocies become personified in the play and creates a world of its own.

This imaginative world seems as real and living as those which are visited by the warmth of love in the play by the lovers. This creates the whole atmosphere in a way that every far-fetched thing is uniformly existent and incredible. One may label it as the fictitious idealism i. e. production of mere imagination but seems real to lovers as Theseus does in these lines. These lines further corresponds to another thematic expression that is subsidiary to the main theme is love vs. reason.

The final pairing in the play accords with the choice which the two girls (Hermia and Helena) have faithfully adhered to; but the choice and the fidelity have not been dictated by reason. Evidently, love is not based upon any rational judgment and imagination has a role to play in the corridors of love. Imagination is liable to err but it has its creative function too. Theseus not only dwells on the misleading consequences of the exercise of the faculty of imagination but also eulogize its higher and creative aspect.

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Informative Essay on A Midsummer Night`s Dream

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In the amorous affairs, everything is led, guided and controlled entirely by the imaginative faculty. Titania’s infatuation for Bottom the ass is an aberration of love; so is the Lysander’s infatuation for Helena. These infatuations are product of this imagination whereas the four love affairs that create a world of intense ardor are also a production of imagination. So these lines encircle the main theme of the play and a sense of dream-reality persists due to imaginative effect in the life of characters as well as in the play.

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