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What would be your dream destination if you do not need to worry about the budget and time? Sun, sand and sea, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination. However there is more to the Maldives than just that. Mal Dives comprises 1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls on Southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator. It stretches 820 kilometres north to south and 120 kilometres east to west. 02 are inhabited, 87 are exclusive resort islands. The weather there is generally warm and humid. There are sun shines all year through, and the average temperature is around 29 - 32 degrees Celsius. The origins of the Maldivians are lost in antiquity, but history reveals that the islands have been populated for over 3,000 years ago. Early settlers were travelers on the Silk Route and from the Indus Valley Civilization. Inherently warm, friendly and hospitable by nature, it is easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with a Maldivian.

A proud history and rich culture evolved from the first settlers who were from various parts of the world travelling the seas in ancient times. The Maldives has been a melting pot of different cultures as people from different parts of the world came here and settled down. Some of the local music and dance for instance resemble African influences, with handbeating of drums and songs in a language that is not known to any but certainly represents that of East African countries. As one would expect there is a great South Asian influence in some of the music and dancing and especially in the traditional food of the Maldivians.

However many of the South Asian customs especially with regard to women are not tenets of life here - for instance, the Sub Continent’s tradition of secluding women from public view. In fact women play a major role in society - not surprising considering the fact men spend the whole day out at sea fishing. Many of the traditions are strongly related to the seas. Dhivehi is the language spoken in all parts of the Maldives. English is widely spoken by Maldivians and visitors can easily make themselves understood getting around the capital island.

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In the resorts, a variety of languages are spoken by the staff including English, German, French, Italian and Japanese. After a quick look at Mal Dives’ geography, climate, origins, cultures and languages, it’s time for me to tell you my personal reason to choose Mal Dives as my dream destination. The Beaches in the Maldives are spectacular. Families spend their time there with for relaxation, and couples might go there for honey mood. I am so interested in some of the resorts which are built right on the sea. It arouses my desire to jump into the sea in the morning and I am sure I can stay in the resort for a whole day.

Another special activity is scuba diving. Maldives is treasured as one of best diving destinations, it is the place where a diver’s dream come true. Diving Safaris will lead you to exciting spots hardly ever visited before. It is the best opportunity to discover the breathtaking beauty of the fascinating underwater kingdom known as the best underwater scenery in the world. And, since I enjoy taking pictures, I will try to fill my photo albums with photos of Mal Dives. I believe the natural beautiful scenes of Mal Dives will impress my friends and family. Maybe I will even try to take pictures underwater.

Hopefully I will get the chance to take some pictures with mermaids. Although I don’t have to worry about budget and time, I still have to plan my schedule for the trip to Mal Dives. I think I am going to spend at least 5 days 4 nights there with an important person of mine. I plan to make this trip romantic for my girl as I wish to win her heart successfully. The first 2 nights I will choose to stay in Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, and I intend to stay at the Honeymoon Water Villa. During the stay at Olhuveli, we can do many kinds of water sports there such as windsurfing or kite boarding.

Later, we will go to a sun spa to relax. The magnificent Sun Spa at Olhuveli takes an integrated and holistic approach to your health, providing holistic treatments for your body, mind and spirit. Then, the rest of the holidays I will be in Soneva Fushi in Mal Dives. The reason I choose this resort is that it features its jungle and beach-side location. It is so unique that everything there seems to be made of wood. I am looking forward to walking in the forest in the early morning before breakfast. Later, I will stay around the pool for the rest of the morning.

Later, after taking a nap in the wood house, we will do cycling before dinner to end the day. However, Mal Dives is cursed with mounting evidence of an environmental catastrophe. Government scientists fear the sea level is rising up to 0. 9cm a year, and the Maldives could become uninhabitable within 100 years. What we can do to help Mal Dives is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas such as using appliances efficiently, and avoiding using plastic bags from grocery stores. It is important to protect and conserve such a beautiful place as Mal Dives.

To sum up, as the topic says, I chose Mal Dives to be my dream destination since I don’t have to worry about the budge and time. However, I might need to work on my languages (for example, to learn some Dhivehi, and most importantly, improve my English. ) Anyhow, I believe I am already one step closer to my dream destination. I thank Wells for giving me the opportunity to engage myself in the research on Mal Dives and to learn some English when writing this speech. This is really a great practice. Thank you for listening. Resource: http://www. visitmaldives. com/ http://www. olhuveli. com/ http://www. sixsenses. com/soneva/

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