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Destination Disneyworld

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Destination to Disneyworld Our family’s favorite tradition is summer vacation road trips. No doubt, our vacations turn out to be a success each and every year. Throughout my childhood and into my teenager years, we have gone from the beaches in Florida to the valleys in California. The most memorable one I could recall was our vacation to Disneyworld in Orlando, FL in 2004. I always have the notion as child that amusement park take your imagination to a new and entirely different level.

On television commercials and billboard ads, it shows that Disneyworld is a destination where dreams come true and magic happen. It was a hot and humid day on the first week of June, my brothers and sister was so excited and anxious to see what this wonderful place has to offer. Every summer, my parent would take their hard earning saving from their account and treat my siblings to a vacation. It was a special time for my mom because it shows how important it is for our family to reunite with each other.

Although I was only ten at the time, I could remember all of my vacations like it all happen yesterday. Being so young and naive, all my mind could think was meeting Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and all the other characters. On our first day there, we visit the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studio and one word that comes to mind was magical. My parent turn back to when they were kids and the environment and atmosphere there was unbelievable.

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Destination Disneyworld

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My brother and I were jumping up and down and doesn’t have the care for the world because we were having so much fun. Our next day there, my entire family rode the Splash Mountains and Tower of Terror which I was scared at the beginning but it ended up to be another ride I enjoyed. The laser light show was the most awesome thing I have seen, it was at least twenty minute of lights, lasers firework, animation, and dancing waters. The shows consisted of all of the Disney characters and with Mickey Mouse telling a stories with his magical wand.

The next morning, we spent the entire day at the MGM studios. This park was all movie themes which offers behind the glimpse of Hollywood style action with live shows, thrilling attractions, and backstage tours that are mainly dedicated to entertainment. On our last night there, I realized how amazing this place was and was in totally disbelief that it was almost time to go home. My family all thought every penny spent there was worthwhile and planning to visit it again once our families expand.

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