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What should be done with our solid waste

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The amount of solid waste in the world's economically developed countries has been increasing dramatically during the 20th century. This is due to increasing economic affluence like increased consumption of ebergy and raw materials, the increased manufacture and transport sale. Also free constant demand for the products that does not last for long like toys. There is an increase in the amount the world, which requires considerable packaging. Also use of a wide range of variety of products cause the production of more waste.

Many things have been done to solve this problem. But we have not managed to solve the hole problem, but there are some particular methods how to reduce the waste.

The three methods i am going to include in this essay are the landfill method, the incieration and recycling.Landfills are facilities that serve as long-term disposal sites for community solid wastes. They are designed and operated to protect both the community and the environment from contamination. When properly operated, landfill sites can ensure clean groundwater and clean air in the community and environment. Proper landfill design will enhance the environmental protection provided by locating the landfill correctly.

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When selecting a landfill location it is preferable to have a site located in an environment that provides natural protection. Similarly, a site where landfill generated contaminants are naturally reduced to acceptable concentrations or are naturally contained is preferable. This is known as a site with abilities of natural self attenuation. Where self attenuation is not possible, it is necessary to construct a landfill facility in a designated area.


A properly sited and engineered landfill offers much better control of the environmental and health hazards associated with waste disposal than a garbage dump or burning pit. After a landfill has been closed, the site is landscaped and can be converted into a park, tobogganing hills, golf courses, etc. A new landfill can also serve as an incentive for increased environmental awareness in the community. In communities currently using a garbage dump or burning pit, the regular collection of community solid waste and its disposal in a landfill encourages the separation and safe disposal of hazardous waste and can even serve as a starting point for a recycling program. A well-run landfill can become a source of pride to a First Nations community, allowing the community to serve as a model of environmentally responsible community solid waste management.


A key disadvantage of the community solid waste landfill relates more to public perception than with a flaw in the solid waste management method itself. Many people, usually confusing the landfill with the uncontrolled garbage dump, react negatively and strongly to the idea of building a new community solid waste landfill in their community. One operational disadvantage is the difficulty in applying cover materials in winter months. To ensure the coverage of wastes in winter conditions, heavy equipment may be needed which may not be available in small communities.

Secondly, a landfill also produces what is commonly termed "landfill gas." This gas, which consists primarily of methane, forms because of the decomposition of organic wastes in the landfill. If allowed to accumulate in a confined space, landfill gas can pose a danger as an explosive. Because of the small scale of a typical First Nations community landfill, the low level of landfill gas produced, does not usually pose serious hazards to the community and to the environment.

Also, depending on community size, landfills require a large land base to meet the community's current and future needs. Hauling waste off-reserve to a nearby municipal or regional landfill would better preserve a community's land base. Finally, constructing and operating a community solid waste landfill may require more financial resources than hauling waste off-reserve.

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