Dissertation Conclusion Example

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How to write a conclusion for dissertation

Dissertation Conclusion

To write a good conclusion you need to go back to your dissertation title and your Introduction. What you do in this section is to summarize what can now be stated about the title. This should be a brief paragraph, or simply a sentence or two. You have to join the beginning with the conclusion as you do in an essay. You can almost breathe a sigh of relief as the dissertation is nearly finished.

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However you may need to add a “Recommendations” section in your conclusion if there isn’t one. If you recall all the other research articles you have read, they usually end in a call for more research.

You have to state how your research has filled a gap in the body of research that has come before it and state what unanswered questions there are which arise from your research. These might form the basis for further research on your part in a PhD programme, or they might inspire other post-graduate students to take up where your research has left off.

Perhaps your research leads you to ask new questions which deserve to be answered by researchers in the future. You pose those questions here for others to try to answer in their research. Just because your dissertation is at an end does not mean that it has fulfilled its purpose or that there is nothing new to research in the field. Be imaginative as well as objective. What further research could be done in this areaThis is not to cast doubt on your research, but rather to show yourself as an objective expert, who can ask pertinent questions which are still left to be answered in your field.

The end may be just the beginning for your career as an academic researcher. You may want to follow up on your research or you may feel proud that you have paved the way for others to follow.

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