Detoxification: Maintaining Body, Mind, and Spirit for Optimal Health

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“Your food is your grave,” said the famous writer Bernard Shaw. What you eat is not important. How you eat, what you eat is important! Human being is a complex, integrated mechanism of body, mind and spirit. You need to maintain them at the levels required. A fault related to any one of the three, disturbs the balance of the body as a whole. Careful maintenance as per proper procedures is required. You are careful about the external cleanliness. You brush your teeth; wash your body, oil your hair—but that is not the authentic maintenance. Your body needs to be free from internal impurities.

This is done through the process of detoxification. The modern materialist civilization, the industrial and internet revolutions have changed the lifestyles of human beings in more than one ways. They are subdued by relentless internal as well as external pressures. New diseases, the names of which were unheard in the recent past, are cropping up. The book ‘Detoxification’ by Linda R. Page provides solid answers and satisfactory for your health-related problems-- How to remain healthy, without succumbing to suppressive medicines and by cultivating nature-friendly attitudes!

An herbalist needs to know, and this is a golden rule, that the nature provides appropriate fruits and vegetables at the appropriate season. Dr. Linda expounds the same principles in her book.  Nature doesn’t commit a mistake but we often do. Fruits and vegetables are the mediated capsules provided by nature in colorful packaging. The process of detoxification ipso facto means to possess thorough knowledge and understanding about this natural wealth.

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Next, the herbs assist you in the process of detoxification. Dr. Linda gives thorough and scientific details about the detoxification process related to various parts of the body, by using fruits, vegetables and herbs. Dietary plans play a vital role in recouping the original health from the attack of any ailment. Strict vegetarian diet is recommended, one week before you begin the detoxification procedure, advises Dr. Linda.

Dr. Linda has the three-pronged approach, which is invaluable from the point of view of a practicing herbalist. Firstly, she has provided comprehensive information required to create safe and individualized detoxification program. Secondly, detailed instructions are given for cleansing and detoxification. Thirdly, she explains what a good cleanse means and how to direct the cleaning process for best results. Cleansing is an ongoing activity. It is estimated that about twenty-five thousand new toxins enter the environment every year.

Therefore, your commitment to your body is not a favor that you are doing to it—it is your bounden duty for your own good and for the happiness of others, so that they will not have an opportunity to tend your sick body!

According to Dr.Linda, “a detox program aims to remove the cause of diseases before it makes us ill. It’s a time-honored way to keep immune response high, elimination regular, circulation sound, and stress under control, so that your body can handle the toxicity it encounters. In the past, detoxification was used either clinically for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, or individually as a once-a-ear mild “spring cleaning” for general health maintenance. Today, regular detoxes program, two or three times a year, makes a big difference not only for health, but for the quality of our lives.”(Page, 1999, p.14) From the point of view of an herbalist, this book contains most of the information and facts such as step by step instructions to guide through detox programs detox charts for special needs, information about “Green Cuisine”, herbs glossary of detox terms etc.

Something dramatic and divine happened about Dr. Linda Page opting to become an herbalist.  She was interned in a hospital with a life-threatening disease, which the allopathic medicines failed to cure. She utilized this opportunity to make intensive study of the herbs, their merits and began to self-treat her with great success. She saved her own life and with the acquired knowledge, she is set on the task to save the lives of others.

If an area is infested with mosquitoes, there are two ways of meeting the situation. Spray the insecticide and get rid of the mosquitoes. Or remove the filth, to contain mosquito breeding once for all. The second option finds favor with those who believe in natural remedies. Detoxification, to define its correct meaning, is nothing but all-out purification of body, mind and soul.

Dr Linda begins her book on a moral and spiritual note and that is the correct and great approach. She writes, “Today is a very important day….use it for the best that is in you, so that you will never regret the price you have paid for this day.”

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