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Deadly Unna

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Teaching in Action Indicators How did the teacher achieve this?

Importance of Teaching Focuses classroom time on teaching and learning Links teaching to real-life situations of the learners Time Allocation Follows a consistent schedule and maintains procedures and routines Handles administrative tasks quickly and efficiently Prepares materials in advance Maintains momentum within and across lessons Limits disruption and interruptions Teacher's Expectations Sets clearly articulated high expectations for self and learners Orients the classroom experience toward improvement and growth Stresses student responsibility and accountability Teaching Plans Carefully links objectives and activities Organisms content for effective presentation Explores learner understanding by asking questions Considers learner attention p and learning style when designing lessons Develops objectives, questions & activities that reflect higher & lower level cognitive skills as appropriate for the content & the learners. Monitoring learning progress & potential Homework

Clearly explains homework Relates homework to the content under study and to learner capacity Monitoring Learner Progress Targets questions to lesson objectives Thinks through likely misconceptions that may occur during teaching and monitors learners for these misconceptions Gives clear, specific and timely feedback Re-teaches learners who did not achieve mastery and offers tutoring to learners who seek additional help Responding to Learner Needs & Abilities Suits teaching to learner's achievement levels and needs Participates in staff development Uses a variety of grouping strategies Monitors and assesses learner progress Knows and understands learners as individuals in terms of ability, achievement, learning styles and needs Observing Lesson Content Focusing activity: Lesson sequence: Logical progression: Flow between lesson parts: Culminating activity: Objectives met? Evaluation of learning: Other: Personal - Enthusiasm - Initiative - Teacher presence - Relationship with class - General comments:

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Deadly Unna essay

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