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Cwts Narrative Report

NARRATIVE REPORT (Disaster Emergency Response Training with Water Safety and Survival Skills) Last October 4 and 5, 2012 students of STI College Caloocan that has NSTP or CWTS course attended and conducted training for Disaster Emergency Response Training with Water Safety and Survival Skills. Our batch was October 5, 2012 that was held at Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center. The training and topics covered are regarding Obstacle Training, Rappelling, Bandaging, CPR, First Aid Training, Proper Wearing of Life Vest/Jacket, and the Water Survival Techniques.

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All students venue before going to Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center was in STI College Caloocan. At exactly 5:00am, but since other students are not responsible they came late. That’s why instead of 6:00am departure, it became 6:30am already or almost 7:00am. Luckily, we did not encounter traffic that’s why we arrive at Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center at exactly 8:00am. And then when we arrive at the training center, all students are instructed to change their clothes in much comfortable manner. The instructors gave as only 30mins to prepare and then after that we need to go to the training area immediately.

So, when all of us are already settled, we immediately go to the training area. Before the training started our head in-charge, Ms. Falculan conducted a speech and she welcomes all the students in Boso-Boso Training ground. And after the program, one of the Instructors from Rescue 177 together with their Director had the orientation regarding the Rappelling Course; they teach us how to use the Rappelling equipments and how to apply it when we are doing the task already. After the orientation, we immediately proceed to the Obstacle Training ground, separately with the boys.

All girls had the Obstacle Training first, while the boys are already having their Practicum regarding First Aid Training. I enjoyed the obstacle course, because I experienced running, balancing, jumping, crawling and climbing elements with the aim of testing my speed and endurance. Then after we accomplished the obstacle course, we proceed to the Rappelling area. And I am very thankful because I’ve done the task correctly and safely. Meanwhile, after the obstacle course and rappelling we had our lunch break already. All of us are in a hurry because after our break we are the one to have the Practicum for First Aid Course.