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Customer Experience

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Customer experience is practically the complete make up of a client’s transaction over the internet. It is the general p of a customer’s behavior on how he perceives the products and services, how much he avails of these commodities and how he reacts passively to the presented info on the company’s websites. One more approach to regard customer experience can be pointed out in the way clients tend to integrate their objectives in the overall product presentation of the business entity.

Apparently, Web companies are very concerned about the customer experience principles because these factors readily provide the big picture of the firm’s performance. The main reason is that when they provide better customer experience they tend to retain their existing clients instead of acquiring new ones. Add to that that the advertising mileage benefits if a client’s customer  experience is good as being considered in “customer advocacy” of promotion to their fellow consumers (Allen, 2005). This is true since they consider losing a client to a competitor is just a click away.

In the modern age of internet commerce, there are different types of data that online companies use to evaluate their respective customer experience magnitudes. One example is by collecting data which reflects the shopping activities of consumers. Another form of data being collected by Web firms is the kind of activities visitors do in their Web pages.

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These data can help evaluate the overall behavior of the clients while inside the company’s domain. Most shopping websites use software to track the actual inventory of their products as reflected by the number of purchases done online. One more data value being used by Web firms is in the aspect of passive customer satisfaction after sales. Some companies conduct small but efficient surveys in order to track the progress of the company whether it actually retains old customer, increase their numbers or losses them. These surveys are being presented through non-spam e-mails or ready to use platforms in the company’s web page.

The new sets of technologies available today for customer experience development are almost always in the platform of computer software. Since Web companies do their transactions online, the only possible way to promote good customer experience is to provide clients with Web interface functions for their convenience. For example, the software SAP AG of TeaLeaf is being used by U.S. Airways to detect typographical errors in order entry. This helps the customers provide accurate data for ticket dispensing.

Another example is by introducing do-it-yourself features in customized purchasing. The satisfaction of a client may now be tracked using ForeSee and iPerceptions platforms by asking survey questions from them. One more type of technology is the one that empowers customers to find answers through built-in search parameters like “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) link. Kana Software makes it possible to increase the level of search hits of a customer who needs a quick answer to an inquiry.

In summary, the Web firms are insinuating that their previous goals to enhance customer experience are actually paving the way for a more beneficial result in terms of their performance. With the technology and techniques in customized marketing, they have been experiencing a complete growth of sales and service requests from old and new customers. The US Airways ticketing sales have doubled while BasePro increased its revenue by 10% due to customized e-mail ads for its clients. They are now measuring success by considering how much of the customers are still doing business with them as well as how other clients are being drawn towards their Websites due to new technology make ups.


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