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Bermuda is the oldest self-governing overseas region in the British Commonwealth; its 1968 constitution offers the island with official duty for internal self-government, while the British Government keeps hold of responsibility for, defense, security, and external affairs. Queen Elizabeth II is the chief of state and she is represented by a governor, whom she assigns. Bermuda has a parliamentary structure of government internally and the premier is chief of government and head of the majority party in the House of Assembly. The cabinet is made up of ministers chosen by the premier from among associates of the House of Assembly and the Senate. (Greey & Nausbaum, 2008). Bermuda's initial political party, the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), was created in May 1963 with mainly black adherents, the two-party system was started in 1965 with the formation of the United Bermuda Party (UBP), which had the hold of the bulk of white voters and of few black voters. A third party, the Bermuda Democratic Party (BDP) was shaped in 1967; however, it disbanded in 1970 and was later restored by the National Liberal Party (NLP).

Bermuda's initial election was held on May 22, 1968, and the UBP won thirty seats of the House of Assembly while the PLP won 10 and the BDP lost the 3 seats which it had previously. The UBP kept on maintaining control of the government although they did this by reducing scope in the Assembly until 1998 when the PLP succeeded in winning the general election for the first time. Discontented goals, mainly among immature blacks led to short civil riots in December 1977 that followed the implementation of two men found culpable of the 1972- 1973 murders of Governor Sir Richard Sharples and the other four. Ultimate independence from the United Kingdom (U. K. ) has been an ambition of the PLP from the time of the party's inception in 1963. The Premier (and PLP party leader) Alex Scott declared his decision to start an open and objective debate on the issue of independence in Feb. 2004. Presently citizens of Bermuda are permitted to British citizenship that the British Overseas Territories Bill approved in February 2002 and this gives them automatic ownership of British citizenship that also includes the automatic transmission of citizenship to their children, the right of abode, together with the right to live and work in the U.K. and the European Union (EU). Subsequently, a harsh and divisive general election on December 18, 2007, took place which many forecasted would be extremely close, the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) under Premier Ewart Brown was back to power with the same number of seats as it had before going into the election. (U. S. Department of State, n. d. ).


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