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Dear Hiring Manager, I have enclosed my resume. I am currently enrolled in City University of New York majoring in Education concentrated in Early Childhood. I have over 5 years of experience working in an educational environment with children between the ages 2 and 5. While in Middle School, I volunteered at an after work program tutoring my peers in key curriculum courses needed to pass State Testing. Once in high school I nurtured my passion for helping others strive to be the best. I was hired at Antioch Daycare Academy as a Part Time Instructor.

As an instructor I was responsible for a class of 20 students between the ages of 2 and 4. I was required to complete a daily curriculum with my students that included the fundamentals needed in order to advance to Pre- K. I held monthly meetings with my student’s parents to discuss the growth, strengths and weakness of each student. My experiences in the classroom and work place have taught me how to effectively assess the short and long-term goals of children, and establish mutually agreed on methods to meet their needs.

Throughout my years at Antioch, I was noticed and promoted to the positioned as Director’s Assistant, where I was able to strengthen my teaching and leadership abilities. I have shown to successfully work as part of an interdisciplinary team, collaborating with diverse professionals to provide a holistic approach to care. I have volunteered at daycare centers and outreach teen programs, emphasizing the importance of an education and the limitless opportunities it allows.

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In addition to my academic success and work experience, I have learned to not only organize my time effectively, but also use my experiences to spread awareness and educate others. In addition to working, I recruited members of my community and signatures of over 100 parents, which qualified Antioch as a potential UPK grant recipient. After several proposals, budgeting plans and curriculum outlines, we were awarded the full amount for UPK. My volunteer work, academic courses and work experience makes me a well-rounded candidate for the position was as a Family worker.

I will bring new innovative ideas and proposals to further develop the classroom. Our mission is intertwined, to provide a safe and academically enriching program for children. I am currently up to date and certified CPR and First Aid, Anti-Bully and I have clearance from the Department of Health and the Department of Education. My salary requirement is negotiable based on the job responsibilities and total compensation package. Thank You,

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