Never Judge a Book by It’s Cover Speech

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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Good Morning, fellow students and Teachers, Today I will be talking about the topic “Never Judge a book by its cover”. Never judge a book by its cover is a saying the meaning is never Judge someone or something by what they look like. If you didn’t play with a person when they Asked because you think they don’t look Pleasant you may be wrong they might Be really nice on the inside and very Fun.

Also it’s not what they look on the Outside it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. I may not have eaten the sushi at The party because it looked yucky, Well maybe I’m wrong maybe it Tastes yummy. That’s another Don’t judge a book by its cover but it is a don’t judge the food on how it looks. It’s also like if I didn’t eat the passion Fruit because it looks yuck well I Have already eaten the passion Fruit so it’s not about me it’s about You.

Every time I have passion fruit For fruit break I have people come Up to me and say uhh... nd all Of those people who do this haven’t Even tried it. That’s another don’t judge food on What it looks like. So I think I’ve made my point so Next time you something that Looks unpleasant try it! You Never know when it comes To food, fashion, furniture And many more things. Next time you see someone Who looks unpleasant ask them To play because the chances Of you having a new best friend is possible! Thank you for listening to my Speech topic!

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