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Hoyts Cover Leter

Manager Hoyts Cinemas Dear Sir/Madam, I am apply for you position as team member at Hoyts Cinemas, Broadmeadows. I believe I am the best candidate, as I not only fill the stated requirements for the position but, offer to your company my talents, determination and keen interest in customer service. I have a very welcoming personality and a warm approach to not only my employment interactions but also my fellow employees.

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My former position as Crew Member at KFC had allowed me to display enthusiasm, persistence and attention to detail; all qualities that I believe would be an excellent addition to your establishment.

Achieving excellence in customer service and connecting well with clients has always been of high importance throughout my work experience. I consider it necessary to build up a good rapport with all customers so that they enjoy their experience and have a desire to return. I hope to have the opportunity to prove that I am able to perform not only my set duties but to branch out, using initiative and flexibility in other tasks. I endeavour to understand exactly what clients’ need and promote as much as is necessary without being overbearing.

I am also familiar with Windows and Mac processing and have excellent written and verbal communication. I am available to work weekends and would be happy to take on other days, if necessary. In writing this letter, I have attempted to convey my personality and expose strengths that are of use to your company. Actions however, do speak louder than words, and so I suggest a meeting, where you will better understand my inviting manner and hospitable nature. I am eager to meet with you so please, do not hesitate to call or email me. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,