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I take this opportunity to express my sense of gratitude to Prof. Mrs. Swati Sabale for giving me the Opportunity to undertake the project titled "To study a company doing Direct Marketing for their products". This project work has been an enriching learning experience that shall stand worthy and valuable for me in years to come. I thank one of my friends who is working presently as a Medical Representative (Sales Department) in Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. for his positive response.

I also thank all the people, directly or indirectly involved in making this project as success. Introduction: India's largest pharmaceutical company, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, is today well positioned in its quest to become a research-based international pharmaceutical company. Ranbaxy is amongst the top 100 pharmaceutical companies of the world. It has been rated the 9th largest Generic Company Worldwide. The Company exports its products to over 70 countries with ground operations in 34 and manufacturing facilities in 7 countries.

Ranbaxy is a progressive and quality conscious multi-national organization serving the pharmaceutical needs of diverse markets around the globe comprising of developing, emerging and advanced countries. Ranbaxy attributes its phenomenal growth to the vitality, innovation and commitment of its over 8500-strong multi-cultural work force. In keeping with our aim to focus on research and internationalization we charted a high paced investment strategy. Spanning over half a decade, this entailed simultaneous creation of research assets and business infrastructure in multiple markets.

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A very buoyant and robust performance in the US, world's largest pharmaceutical market has invigorated us. Within five Years of operations we have not only successfully managed the technical, regulatory, financial and logistic complexity of this market but also set a benchmark for growth and success. Adding to the international character and class of the Company Ranbaxy name and products are finding increasing recognition and acceptance in markets across the world.

With the opening up of new markets along with healthcare reforms, Western Europe and Latin America are emerging as regional hubs of opportunity. The Company's presence in the key markets of these regions augurs well for its future aspirations. In the quest to become international, the importance of solid home foundation cannot be over emphasized. Ranbaxy has emerged as a leading pharmaceutical company in India with the third largest share of the rapidly growing domestic market.

It enjoys an enviable reputation amongst the medical fraternity for its high standards of ethics and quality. Around the core strength of anti-infectives where some of the best recognized brands have led over decades, the Company has built more recent ones in emerging therapeutic areas like Cardio-Vascular, Central Nervous System and Nutritional that reflect life style transitions. As the company fortifies its presence further in this market, it is turning the Indian learning into an international opportunity.

Building a Branded Pharmaceutical Business: At Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. , we are committed to developing a distinguished branded pharmaceutical business. The foundation for establishing the branded business rests on three strategic pillars: licensing/acquisitions, in-house product development and marketing alliances. Our focus on acquisitions has yielded our popular Proctosol line of products. We are actively looking to acquire more products to augment product offerings to our customers. Equally important to the growth of our branded business is our product development expertise.

In addition to research on New Chemical Entities, Ranbaxy has what it refers to as Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) that when applied to currently available chemical entities, new and improved formulations can be developed. For example, Ranbaxy developed a once-daily formulation of the anti-infective Cipro(r) (ciprofloxacin). This formulation has been licensed to Bayer, the original marketer of Cipro(r). In the future, Ranbaxy hopes to take advantage of its product development expertise by launching its own proprietary brands, which are currently at various stages of development.

RPI's branded prescription division in the US market will expand and grow through our R&D efforts, continued exploration of novel drug delivery systems, licensing activities, mergers and acquisitions. RPI's commitment to invest significantly in R;D will translate into the development of innovative, brand name products with a wide range of therapeutic uses. Based on these strategies, RPI is steadily on its way to building a thriving branded pharmaceutical business. Research And Development: Our R;D is a manifestation of our belief in quality and innovation.

Located at Gurgaon (Haryana), near New Delhi, and set amidst 17 acres of land, with a covered area of over 2,00,000 sq ft, our research centre is one of the finest R;D facilities in India. Driven by our mission to become a research-based international pharmaceutical Company we have built expertise in Chemical Research, Pharmaceutical research, Fermentation Research as well as Novel Drug Delivery Systems Research (NDDS) and New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR). We are committed to channelise close to 6% of our global sales into Research and Development and are accelerating our initiatives in NDDR and NDDS.

Our R;D team of over 800 people has evolved a strong NCE pipeline, a number of value added products based on drug delivery platforms and an extremely robust basket of ANDAs. The therapeutic focus at R;D is on Urology, Respiratory, Anti-infectives, Anti-inflammatory and metabolic disorders segments. Breakthrough BPH, Anti-Asthama and Anti-bacterial New Chemical Entities developed by our scientists are at different stages of drug discovery. Creation of intellectual wealth, as we move up the pharma value chain is critical to our business.

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