Conflict and war are inevitable in life

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We are going to be discussing “Conflict and war are inevitable in life.” First of all, you cannot imagine a world without conflict and war as they are happening every day. Human beings are prone to conflict and war. War and peace are like Ying and Yang. They are combined and nothing can separate it. Needless wars occur around the world endlessly. Conflicts which are occurring now are:

1. Riots e.g: In Egypt. According to the BBC website, over 100 people have been killed due to the riots.

You can disagree by saying” however, the police in Egypt are controlling the riots and rioters begin to decrease by each day according to the BBC. This shows that conflicts can be resolved is not inevitable.”

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1. Our fellow teachers, like our Mr Harland are going on strike this Wednesday due to their pensions. This is out of the context however this is still a way of causing troubles in our society.

“They are doing this because if they don’t they won’t be able to survive anymore. It won’t be fair on them would it?”

Let’s think back a few years. Racism was very common in the United States and in many parts of Europe. Conflict and wars were created due to racism. People had to suffer in order to survive. Americans used coloured people (black) as slaves to do their bidding. This was inevitable in life!

Yes it was a tragedy however that too has been resolved. People change their ways to a greater good. Rosa Parks was an extraordinary example. She stood up towards the white people and due to this, racism was soon abolished.

So if it wasn’t for Rosa Parks, would racism have gone even further? Would I be sitting here having this discussion?

Wars also occurred and are still occurring in around the globe. For example

1. Afghanistan. The British have to assist as well which endangers many soldiers and innocent people who did not want any of this to occur. All this happened because of one man. (Gadaffi).

We are still trying to maintain peace around the world by assisting those in need.

However, isn’t helping in the war going to increase the number of battles fought and how many more should have to die?

I have also heard that the war in Sri Lanka has ended and people are rebuilding their lives.

Wars get created and solved all the time. The Ultimate goal of war and conflict in my opinion is because of jealousy towards a person or people and for the satisfaction of human needs.

Even in Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Octavius go up against Brutus and Cassius in a needless war. Why should people have to die without any cause or reason? This is exactly why war and conflict are inevitable in life.

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