The Inevitable, Irreversible, and Unrepeatable Human Communication

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2022
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Communication is inevitable, which means that in a scene where there are other people present other people in the scene, even if you don't want to communicate with them, you still enter into some form of form of communication with them. Someone who ignores or refuses to communicate with them is also a form of communication. For example, a child who is forced to attend a may be upset by this and not want to communicate with anyone. does not want to communicate with anyone, but when she is at a meal, even if she ignores the remarks of others, she inevitably conveys her attitude through her body language.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to it. Communication does not have to be a verbal one, it can also be non-verbal. Communication is also irreversible. Once a word, phrase or comment is put into the mouth or an impulsive text messaging or email is sent, it can no longer be deleted from the the memories of other people. Because communications are indelible, you must always be conscious of what you are what you communicate to others. For instance, it is possible to say hurtful things in a moment of anger say hurtful things that you regret later, and even if you apologize, the other person will still apologize the other person will still bear in mind the offensive words, which has its effect.

Last, but not least, communication is unrepeatable. Many judge others through their first impressions of them, and it is usually the quality of communication being unrepeatable that some people get hired and some people don't. Job interviews are a great example of communication being unrepeatable. Within job interviews, it's important to use the appropriate type of communication and set the right type of first impression because usually in those situations second chances are hard to come by. Although communication is unrepeatable, if possible, it's good not to judge from first impressions.

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