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Comunication Nowadays

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I do not think so, they are just preferring those ways to communicate because they're fast, convenient and fun. First, they are very fast. We live in a world where communication is a very important thing. Suppose you're on a long trip and having a call to home to your cruel wife is must be required, how would you react? Of course, the mobile phone will be your best friend in this case. You can also save time and shorten four call is not received instantaneous by testing messages, so that the receivers can view your messages whenever hey see their phone.

Second, they are convenient. The funny example above just to show that communication nowadays is fast, and it's not only fast, but it's also very convenient . One of the features of the mobile phones is allowing users to send messages to multiple recipients at the same time. It's extremely useful for you when you have to call for many people and the content is the same such as inviting to a party or sending a learning plan for your friends instead of calling one-by-one.

Finally, using email or social outworks to communicate with each other are fun ways to keep in touch especially helpful with people who have friends or family members live far away from them. These are a places for you to be creative in your words and get rid of stress through several simple funny emoticons. In addition, email or social networks are also necessary for people who lives abroad such as student. I've heard that most student learning aboard said that homesick is very terrible. And they couldn't imagine how hard of living abroad be without something like email or social networks.

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The world has been producing many new high technology devices for communicating recently and probably many of more in the future that some people think talking face-to-face daily or using tradition phones like the old fashions. But they are just an easier way to communicate with people. Communication nowadays may be less frequently and directly than the past but things are changed, people have their choices to decide to communicate in their ways. In my opinion, we are communicating better than the past.

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