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Wellington, the dead dog was murdered with a garden ark, which leads to the idea that someone had stabbed him. As he saw the dog, he felt re emotionally. He also hugged the bloody dog, that was when Mrs.. Shears, Well noon's owner came out. She and the police officer accused Christopher for Wellingtons dead the. He had to go to the police station because he hit the police man. He didn't like it when some none touched him. But he left with a caution after his dad appeared. Since that day, Christi peer had decided to find out the murderer of Wellington.

While in The Hound of the Baa seen. 'ill, Sherlock Holmes and Dry. Watson tried to find out the owner of the cane left in their office, then the unknown visitor had suddenly came back for his cane. The owner WA s James Mortimer, who introduce them to the mysterious curse of the Basketballs. Christopher and Sherlock are both have similarities by the interest in solving mysteries. Both of them investigating about dogs. Christopher wants to know who killed Wellington, so he starts a detective work.

While Sherlock tries to find out if the mysterious curse is true or just a saying. Although they are both intelligent and logical, the eye would notice a lot of things which other people wouldn't. Memorizing is not an issue for the m. Christopher can remember for a lot Of things from his childhood, for example he remember errs when he went to the beach with his mother and remembered for all the details. Sherlock did don't have to take notes either, his memory was as good as Christopher. On the other hand, these main two characters have many differences.

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First of all, Christopher is a 15 years old teenager who is autistic. But Sherlock is a grown p man, who has a lot more experiences and skills than Christopher. Sherlock is a really Soc ill person who likes to meet and talk with strangers, hoping that he might find the answers f or his questions. However, Christopher has some difficulties with socializing with people. He do isn't like to chat with strangers because he doesn't trust them. Autistic people can't under stand other's feelings.

For example, Christopher kept a paper with him, which contained dry awnings of people's different types Of feelings When he couldn't decide if someone was a puppy, confused or sad, he took out his little cheating paper. But it usually didn't help . Another example of why they are different, is that Christopher wasn't really the person who uncovered the murderer of Wellington. His dad was, who told him the truth about the Inc dance. While Sherlock had observed and gathered all the evidence he could effort to find t he person, who was the cause of the hound attacking people at the Moore.

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