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Comparative Essy

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Ferdowsi Tus' Hakim Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi is a well-known Persian poet who lived a life that will forever be told as a heroic tale. Ferdowsi created one of the most significant literary works of Iran called the Shahnameh. By generating this national epic, Ferdowsi displayed great knowledge of the ancient legends of Persia and has passed down these historic stories to modern Persians today. Ferdowsi (940- 1020Ad) was born in Tus, a small town in North Eastern Iran, into a amily of landowners.

Due to the fact that they were wealthy enough to be independent, he was expected to peruse extensive goals and high successes. However, he chose to do what he loved and perused writing poetry. He was married to a musician and has a son, who died at the age of thirty-seven, and a daughter who helped him though the tragic loss. Ferdowsi began to write his masterpiece at about the age of forty, by collecting a millennium of old oral traditions of the Iranian lateau, into heroic verses.

The Shahnameh, also known as "The Book of Kings", is the most seminal of literary Persian works in the tenth century. Containing over fifty- thousand verses, which is arguably the longest poem written by a single poet, The Shahnameh narrates the history of Persia from its creation, through to the Arab invasion, and is structured according to the mythical and historical reign of fifty Persian Kings. Mainly, one of the Epic's most significant themes is the nature of ingship, where Ferdowsi emphasises the divine approval of Iran's rulers, including God's will over other countries.

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The Epic also highlights the malicious nature of the universe, and ones destiny. Through the actions of the heroes, it inspects the immorality of righteous actions. This epic allows readers to visualize the issues that took place in Persia and informs them of Persian culture before it was changed into something different. In addition, the Shahnameh plays a crucial role in shaping the literary state, both poetic and historical

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